by Master Elijah Muhammad


        Oh Christians, he shows you the sign of his great religion that has doomed millions and
billions of people to their graves and they never knowing the truth of it. He says, believe in
the cross, that sign, says. Believe in Jesus and you don’t have sense enough to chase him.


       You don’t have sense enough to make him give you the knowledge of what he’s teaching. You
take it for granted that everything he says is the truth.
The cross, believe in the cross my brother;” he says, “I will cling to that old cross,” yeah,
“Oh yonder,” he says, “on yonder hills stands an old cross,” yeah; it’s a sign of shame, it’s a
sign of my guilt of murdering the prophets of God, because I was at cross roads with them in
the science of truth. So, here it is, blind deaf and dumb black man, follow this and you will go
to heaven and meet Jesus.” How many have been there and came back and told you that?


        There is no man that dies and goes back to the earth, then returns again. That is the
thing that just doesn’t happen. You say, “Well Jesus rose again” yes, he’s rising now! The
resurrection of Jesus means the resurrection of justice among you and me, that’s what it
means. It doesn’t mean that man will come back alive like he once was. He [devil] hoist that
sign [cross] and tries making you, who he has made blind deaf and dumb to the knowledge of
the truth, believe in it, and you believe just as he says, that Jesus will come back and take us
all home. Yes, that’s right, if you understand. Justice will come and condemn the liar of his
lie and take you back home again – what home? It is justice that takes you back into the
knowledge of yourself and you can live in any part of the earth: Africa, Australia or the
Islands of the Pacific, which actually is being ruled out there now. Australia is ours too and
we are bound to have it pretty soon, all of it.


      If I were among the Australian whites today on that continent, I would tell them the
same, that pretty soon we will own it again like we once owned it. New Zealand and all of
those other Continents, Islands and Inlands out there in the Pacific, belong to us, but we were
not to take them before the time of the present rule of the white people. Their end has now
come as you will see these Islands falling into the rule of the black people very, very, very


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]