by Master Elijah Muhammad


       I have taught six hours, six hours, but since the time is helping me make manifest so
much of what I am teaching. I want to learn to give it to you in two hours or an hour and a
half, but I can’t do that until I get you on the first step.

      Allah is making manifest the truth all out in the streets, all around you and above you, so
we don’t have to go after it like we did 40 years ago. I use to stand 6 hours and teach you
what I am trying to teach you up to now. What I’ve been saying here today is only to shape
you for listening to the real thing that I want to give to you. I have just now got up to the
steps of what I intend to teach you today and seeing that you do not know these steps that I
am taking, I build them all up one by one to you, then when I get you up to the floor, you can
take a seat and sit down.

        We borrowed the money [for the temple], we were not given the money. We borrowed
it. We pay $50,000 dollars a month to borrow the money, so that we can keep you into the
best. We now look down on the worst. We look forward for the best.
We thank you for every dime that you could give us or are able to give us. We know and
believe that Allah will restore it all back to you seven fold and more, because He did us like
this. That’s why we’re up here today.

       Brother James 8X from Mosque No. 25 donated to us today $1,000. The minister of our
Mosque No. 25. Allah blessed me to convert him when we both were in prison and when we
came out of prison, he started teaching our people. The devil got a hold to him and pulled
him back into prison and he came out again preaching to our people. I thank you Minister
James for your donation from your followers of No. 25 Newark, New Jersey, I thank you. I
know you as I myself. Think over those days when I was teaching you in the District of

Columbia prison. You listened to what I had to say. Everywhere I would go there in the
prison house, you were coming up beside me to learn more of what Allah had revealed to me
and taught me; therefore, you held fast to it. Now you have a wonderful temple in New
Jersey and the people are flowing to it by the hundreds there. So, I thank Allah for you,
brother Minister James.

       My beloved brothers and sisters, I thank each and every one of you that offers so much
as a penny for the help of this great work of getting a nation out of a nation and reforming
them in such a way that they won’t return to that which they were reformed out of, I thank
          I Pray to Allah that heaven and earth, both, comes to you, because both belongs to you,
so God has taught me. I thank you for respecting me enough to [read] what I have to say. I
thank you and I pray to our God, Allah, which means the First and Last. This name means
what you have in the Bible, the First and He is the Last. In Arabic, it’s Allah.

         What I have started stepping you towards, we’re going to add a few more steps towards
the apex of what God has given to me. If you can find that you can walk out of it, then you
will have to build more steps. I don’t think you will be able to do so.
I will be here, if it pleases Allah, ready to give you some untold truth, ready to give you
that which has been hidden from you all your lives and to bring you forth, putting you over
your people as you once were; not as God, but be the God that you once were.

        The Sun is going down in the West. This teaching will raise a powerful Sun and spirit of
truth from this part of our planet by us, from whom God has raised. No more will you look
toward the East after this for a light of truth to come. That light of truth, which the
scientists of the East were not able to give you, will come from the West. That will change
the disposition of worship. You won’t look to the West, nor to the East, nor North and South
for the wisdom. Everywhere you go you will find it. The Bible says and prophesies of the
truth in that day. It says you shall no more go out to Jerusalem to the temple or there at
Jerusalem seeking God, but wherever you may be, you will be a temple yourself ; therefore,
it won’t be necessary to go to no certain place, pointing out a house with truth in it, you will
be the truth.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]