Theology of Time: JUNE 4, 1972 Part 11

by Master Elijah Muhammad


          We the little people in North America, called every name but the true names of
ourselves, God will soon give you this whole entire earth and He will begin here in North
America. This is the country that He will take and send to its doom, the honor of it, pretty
soon. This the first one, because he acted so brave and in mockery of God and His work. So,


        He will make him His example for Europe.
Europe settled far away off, as Revelation teaches you there of John, “and the people
looked at the smoke of her ascending up forever and they cried and cast dust on their heads
for the lost of her trade they had once had. The Bible said they use to have ships going by
sea with ship loads of great valuable merchandise, even to men. They sold us as slaves. They
went to our homes and took us, brought us over here and sold us between each other. This is
the way our fathers were handled. Now, God wants to deliver you and me and destroy them.


       He breaks their power to rule. He bring to a naught their trade between each other.
That’s going on now. Never, since you’ve been born, have you seen a president of this country
going over the earth to the nations of the earth begging them to agree with him to live
longer. He has everything the other nations have, but he knows the other nations have their
weapons trained on him, and that he would not last long if he would train his mighty weapons
upon the people that are now against him. They will tell you, “We have it, but we’re scared
to use it,” because others have the same. He’s pleading with the nations not to use these
dreadful destroyers of nations on each other; whereas, we will destroy ourselves if we destroy


        We can, because, “they have that champion of war with them, the Mahdi,” and He won’t
allow us to fight the Blackman in such a way to annihilate them from the earth. He told me
and taught me about what they would do, our people, those seven angels that you read about
in Revelations – what they will do when He starts. They are capable of cutting a corridor in
the air between this country and the other countries, confining all of his destruction in this
sphere. Think over that.


         [The Holy Qur’an] teaches you and me that we made that white man. This book
challenges the white man to prove that we did make him. “Who created you – who made you
– did you make yourself…” is the way it reads “…or did not we make you?” The white man
knows he came from black man, but he has killed you of that knowledge, since he had the use
of you for 400 years. He killed you of that knowledge. He had translated the Bible and
covered his making up so cleverly that you who he had in chains would never be able to
understand it unless God Himself came or sent one from Himself. So the Holy Qur’an teaches
you here in a prayer that Abraham and Ishmael give to God for our learning. He says,
“Abraham, raise up from among them – one from among themselves and teach him the
knowledge of the book and the wisdom that he may teach others,” his other people, “the
knowledge of the book. ” The book is the Bible. “…and bring them in the knowledge,” the true
knowledge of it, “because they only use guesses.” Well, that’s true. The preacher will tell you
sometime in his sermon, “I fancy.” I fancy is the same as saying I guess it means thus and thus.


       My brothers and sisters, you and myself are lucky to be living in this day. Seeing the old
world go out and the new world come in. God is so powerful, mighty, that He doesn’t want to
accept living in a house where His enemy has lived. So, He threatens a total destruction. He
can build a new one. The Bible says, “Behold, I make all things new, old will pass away.” He
doesn’t want to use a lame sheep to eat. Israel was told to not use a lame or afflicted sheep
or a calf, and that they must get a healthy one, one that is not afflicted.


        This is a picture of the period of the kingdom of the Blackman. He says in another place,
“I don’t care anything about your offering to me, your burnt offerings of lambs and calves,
because all that is upon a thousand hills is Mine. You don’t have to give them to Me. I gave
them to you. In my day and time, if you cut off a neck of a cow to sacrifice him to Me, it
would be just the same as cutting off a dogs head. I don’t need any of your calves.” Think
over that.


       Gradually He wants to turn us into forsaking the flesh of any animal and give us a better
one. He gave Israel better meat didn’t He? It was such meat that they didn’t know what it
was, but yet it killed desire for meat. They said, “I don’t know what it is;” so, they named it
manna. They don’t know what it is. If He could bring down meat in a desert to save the
hungry and draw water out of a rock to quench their thirst, what can He do more for us? I tell
you my friend, getting acquainted with God is not like getting acquainted with a common


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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