by Master Elijah Muhammad


       I did not tell you how he [the devil] got here. Yakub got his people here by killing the
black baby and saving the brown, so that He could graft the brown into its last color, which is
white. I will tell you right now, so that you will always know how the races became races.
The first race was made from Blackman. The brown race was the first one to come out from
grafting. The first race was brown. This race you call the Japanese people – that’s the brown
race. Okay, the next is a yellow race. From the yellow, the other race that you see here is

     The first man here was black, then when Yakub started grafting out of him to get to
white, he was grafting for 200 years. For 200 years, it took him that length of time to get the
brown baby out of the black.
Yakub found that brown germ in us while studying in college. He discovered in the germ
of the black man that he had a brown germ in him. He had two – we will say two babies – one
brown and one black. He kept looking at that brown germ and he discovered that he could
graft it out of the black man. He could take that brown germ, keep it to itself and keep
grafting it until he took the brown germ out and replace it with a different color if he could
just keep taking the more lighter brown one that came, keeping it to itself, and then killing
off the browner and darker ones. He did that for 600 years.

       He took the brown baby, set it aside and kept every brown baby that was produced with
a lighter brown color to itself. He kill off the other brown babies made the lighter brown
ones reproduce among themselves until they produced lighter and lighter babies. Actually,

there was only two races from the real Black man. When Yakub got to the third, it was a
white man.

       All through the grafting this was done, and every time he grafted one, it was weaker
than the other. The brown baby was weaker than his father, the black man. The brown baby
was stronger than the yellow baby, and the yellow baby who produced the white baby was a
little stronger than the white. The closer to the father, the Blackman, of the races, the
stronger and more righteous. The little yellow baby became kind of evil and wicked like the
next brother, the white. This is the Chinese that I’m talking about [yellow]. The China man is
near equal with white folks. He love to fight, but he’s braver than the white, because he’s
back more closer to the father than the white. The father of the races is the Blackman.

      These grafted people went [migrated] and mix with many, and by mixing with many, they
produced many different colors that made many different races. I want you my beloved
[readers] to remember that the white man didn’t come from the same God that you came
I do want you to remember, the reason that we are not and cannot be an equal man with
the white man is because we don’t know what he knows. God has now had mercy on us and
He has raised up out of nothing, that which is now something. I don’t count the white man’s
wisdom. God has made me like that, to even scorn his wisdom. When you get wisdom from
Allah and His servant, you will not think the white man knows anything.

        It takes a long time to get the wisdom of 6,000 years unfolded so you could understand
it, but I do think that I could have you walking around and talking back to me in about a
month .
One thing about it, He told Adam to give them a name; make them know their names.
So, Adam named them. This work, this divine work’s mostly done by a servant of His. I want
to say to you that I’m His humble servant and I don’t want to take over that which He has not
given to me, but let us prepare ourselves by coming out here learning the way of God. As the
old books says; “Come and learn of his way.” I say, I’m here to make you aware of His way and
I don’t think that no one will come up and tell you that He’s teaching you wrong. I am for you
and you are for me.

     Jacob told the angel he said, “I’m not going to let you go until you bless my soul.” The
angel started having an excuse, he said, “It’s day now, it’s getting day,” he said, “It’s alright,
I’m gonna hold you, I’m gonna hold you.” I heard a preacher in Macon, Georgia preach that
once. My brother next to me, who is now dead, he and I got so happy over the preacher’s
subject and the way he preached it. He kept us laughing all the way through the meeting.
His name was Hennison and he was a tall big fellow and his voice roared loud. He took
that text that Sunday night and would say, “Jacob said, I’m gonna hold you, I’m gonna hold
you, I’m gonna hold you.”(SMILE) Actually, he was holding us. He was not the dumbest
preacher you ever heard. Yes, he was a very good preacher of that which he preached.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]