by Master Elijah Muhammad


     The God of our world taught us of the God of this world. He said that in the year “one”
of our calendar time of 25,000 years, before we allowed another God to rule – so God taught
me – the scientists said that there will be a man born in the year 9,000. His name will be
Yakub, and in that year, He will make a people who will live for 6,000 years. This 9,000th
year is the birth of the man you call white folks. They were made by this man – not created
now – by a man called Yakub. In the Bible you call him Jacob, that’s the same man. The
Bible says Jacob had 12 sons. Actually, Jacob could not produce the 12 scientists. The 12
scientists were already here. Yakub did not come out making scientist. He was not that
wise, though He was a wise man, He was a wise God. They called him the big head Yakub;
meaning, he had a lot of brains.

       In the year 9,000, this man came out with a new civilization to take over us [Blackman].
He did not make any mistakes. He took us over and it’s hard for us to get away from him
today. The Bible is right: It says to Adam, have dominion over all creatures, all life and he
has power over all the life regardless to what kind of life it is. He has had power over it and
power to use it as he pleases. Even using it on the Original man, the God, the Original

     The original creator was only allowed to keep just a little, just a spark, to keep from
going out of the time. The Holy city Mecca had this little spark. This Holy City Mecca of
Arabia, the original scientist didn’t rule there, nor do they rule there today, but they’re
gradually easing in. There are white scientists who’s ruling there. This is why Muhammad
must destroy the old. You find in the history of Muhammad that he declared war on Mecca
and he overcame them. So today, I’m telling you that we are not going to fight to become the
ruler under the same thing that the old world has ruled under. We’re going to make our own
Holy City. You’ll read in the Bible where it says that, “I saw a new Jerusalem coming down
from out of the throne of God – the new God. He has a new city. He won’t let His New
Wisdom and His New Kingdom be built upon an old foundation.

      When the God Yakub was six years old, He was sitting down playing with two pieces of
steel and watching the reaction of these two pieces attracting each other. He looked up at
his uncle and said, “Uncle when I get to be an old man I’m going to make a man who shall rule
you.” The Unalike in the steel was making the steel come together from the magnetic power
drawing the two together. He saw his future from the steel reacting. So today, for 6,000
years, he [Yakub’s made devil] has been playing with steel. He saw that the steel was a good
piece of metal to murder with. He fashioned all kinds of weapons out of steel. They are
using it today. They’re clashing in war with steel. The first time they went to war with steel
was with bow and arrow, shooting arrows. They began from stone to that. They learned to

put a little piece of steel on the end of the stone. Today he learned to make a gun that could
shoot steel into our bodies. He’s been a murderer ever since he set foot on the face of the

       I can preach if I wanted to, but this is teaching and I think you need teaching. If I add
6,000 on to 9,000, we come to the year 15,000. This man’s number is six, because he rules
from 9,000 to the year 15,000, and this is the 15,000th of our calendar history, in which we
live. Don’t forget now, I’m not talking about the Christian’s history, but here in the Christian’s
time. They’ve been here for 6,000 years. We add their 6,000 years that they’ve lived and
made trouble on our planet, which brings us into the years 15,000. We are living in the
15,000th thousand year.

      There’s many little things in the Bible, in history and science of us, that I could take up
with you, but I don’t think it’s necessary until I lay the base. Then, when I lay the base, I’ll
come right back and answer your question that you fail to pick up on in the base.
15,000 years ago, and a little fractions over, Yakub made his people and put them on
time to rule for 6,000 years. He said to his people, “After you have lived 6,000 years, your
brother coming in the 7th thousand year will eat you up.” This is well known by the
theologians of white people, they know this.

        Jacob had a ladder which had 15 rungs on it and he saw angels coming up and down –
ascending and descending. This bird over here [speaking of himself in America] knew all of
that; whereas, in this time they [our people of the East] will take him [Messenger] and his
people off. The people will be going to heaven and coming down from heaven, because of
what Muhammad? It will be because those who are down on the first rung of the ladder will
be freed to come up and meet the angels of heaven and the angels of heaven will be coming
down meeting those who had never come up the ladder. This is what that means. The old
saying that Jacob, the devil of our people who made a devil, dreamed of seeing a ladder
reaching from heaven to the earth and that He saw angels ascending and descending up and
down. He saw the end of his civilization and he saw the beginning of our time. The beginning
of our time is here. I’m not through with this. I’ll take care of it next time. I’m not through
with it; no. Not by a long way.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture  series]