by Master Elijah Muhammad


       If he has the number six, which he claims is equal to our six, then he’s right. We have a
six, which is ours. This is what we were made on. He says the number six is his too; that is
true, because we made him and he had to go under our number. He had no other number to
go under. This is why he doesn’t attack or dispute with me. He knows I will tell him that.
This is the original man’s six. How did the original man come to being on a six instead of
being on a one? Since you were the first, your number should be one, but since you are not
saying in numbers that your number or his number is one, he uses a six. Now I’m going to tell
you where that six came from in him.

       It was six trillion years, so God taught me, before He put the Sun into use. After the
Sun, then other Gods were born and they thought up the same idea of making something out
of fire. Never have you known what and how fire came into space. Those Stars of fire and
the big Star, which we call Sun, are nothing but balls of fire. I want you to remember these
things so that you don’t make mistakes.

      If the God created Himself out of matter which still exists, then He took it out of the
darkness of space. How then can we declare that the fiery Stars, along with our Sun, was
created out of space, where did the fire come from?

      Today, everything is full of fire. I’m full of fire; you’re full of fire. “This is our figure
here?” No, I’m not going to tell you where the fire came from today, but if you keep coming
back, I will tell you. If I tell you everything, you will forget most all of it, then you will start
adding in your god-science. I then won’t “remember what I said” after you get through with it

      This is our number six. We began revolving as He was. He made Himself to revolve and
then He caused whatever came in the darkness to revolve like Himself. That He has done.
We can’t help but revolve. We are not a perfect human being, because, actually, our form is
not perfect. Since six is our number, what were we before that number? It was like this: we
left out of nothing and we made ourselves one. I’m taking my time don’t worry. If we made
ourselves in the beginning “one.” Okay, here comes this nothing [zero] again and it goes over
here a piece and “one” stands over at this end.

     We were in America for 400 years before the coming of Allah to us. If from nothing this
“one” comes back and gets behind nothing [zero] that makes the nothing [zero] increase its
power ten-fold, right? For 400 years we were considered nothing. Well that’s right. You
were just everything which the white man made you or taught you. These 400 years we have
received again is nothing, but now has “one” behind it, and that “one” is Almighty God, Allah.

     It made us ten-fold the power and value that we were before He came, right? This is because
the power of this “one” is generated into nothing and made nothing become something. If I
had moved this [“1”]over here in front [right] of that nothing [zero], it would make it a
fraction of nothing to build, but it didn’t do that. The “one” did not come in front, it got
behind us. It backed us up to make us recognized from the power of “one” generated into

nothing [zero], right? The things I say, which you don’t understand, then when I’m through
working on this board, ask me. I’m not the teacher that teaches something I don’t know.
We are really catching up with the God of this world. The time of the making of this
world was 9,000 years into our calendar history. Back during the 9,000th year of our calendar
history, we had been, for many millions of years, using a God wisdom for only 25,000 years.
One man’s wisdom rules for 25,000 years and after that, we take Him down and put up
another One to rule for 25,000 years. This is in accord with the circumference of our planet.

    Our planet Earth is approximately 25,000 miles in circumference. Although not quite, but we
use the word twenty-five thousand. Why don’t we have 25,000? Because at the top of our
planet’s rotation called the Axis of the earth, we have at the end of the axis of the Earth, 23
1/2 degree to the circle of the Earth at the axis point. We have 23 1/2 degrees here.
We also have 23 Gods here Who write and justify history once every 25,000 years.
They’re equal with the pole’s degrees. they both measure the same 23 1/2 degrees. Its equal,
almost, with the Gods that rule. They’re really 24, but this number is used whenever they
make up history. 23 Gods work and one does the calculating on what they find.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]