by Master Elijah Muhammad


      The question is: “Which one will survive the war of Armageddon?” What is Armageddon?
You have been listening to this all your life: that the war of Armageddon will be fought at the

judgment. Let’s look and see what the first three letters pronounce – a-r-m- arm-a-near-
doom, Armageddon. Armies that have been trying to get to each other for ages and working

towards the doom of each other. It is between this fellow [white man], and this man hanging
on that tree [Blackman]. There is no shadow of a doubt that you have read how Christians,
under this flag [American], especially, have murdered and hung our brothers on trees. I want
you to remember that it is good that you see how you have been mistreated. If the people
have treated you with such evils and they’re still doing it, what right do you have defending
them and living that same life under that flag? I’m only asking you for truth.

      Many of us are lazy. We don’t want to leave the white man, because we want him to
take care of us. I say my brothers, if you are that lazy, who do you think wants you? No one
likes a lazy fellow who wants someone else to take care of him; they don’t like it. It’s getting
so apparent today, that every eye can see this in the working. We don’t care if it comes from
someone else and if we can’t get it, many times, we put our gun in our pocket and go out and
take it.

       The devil has seen us go around for many years without weapons. He sees that we don’t
go around fighting each other, carrying guns for each other. He comes here and finds that we
search everybody for weapons that comes in, then take it off them. You get along when
you’re unarmed. When you’re armed, you’re always strutting about because of what you have
in your pocket. The worst part of it, you buy arms to kill each other. You don’t buy arms to
kill your enemy, who is the devil, but you buy them to kill yourselves. I’m saying to you, we
have been acting very crazy. Then the devil comes in and kills both of you. He knows that
he’s well protected. Not a one of us are going to fight back; this is terrible.

        Which one will survive the War of Armageddon? This is Islam’s flag [Sun, Moon & Star],
and this is the Christian flag [Stars & Stripes]. You would dare not tell me that the Stars &
Stripes will survive The Sun, Moon & Star. The Stars and Stripes was made while the Sun,
Moon and Star was created. You love that old [Christian] cross; yet, they hang you up on
limbs. You fight for that old cross, but they tell you themselves, “Over yonder stands an old
rugged cross…,” Think over that. They made it up. Over yonder where? Over in Christianity,
from killing a man that was a prophet. They killed him. “Over yonder stands a rugged cross,
an emblem of suffering and shame.” He makes you worship that kind of suffering, shame and
finally death.

       You put it on your coat’s lapel. You put it around your neck thinking that you’re on the
way to heaven, when you’re on the way to hell. It make sense for you to worship the Sun,
Moon & Stars instead of the Stars & Stripes, because the Stars and Stripes is copied from the
Sun, Moon and Star, but they decreased or destroyed the value of it. He has several stars
representing that one. He has the sky in the upper left and will tell you it’s blue, which can’t
represent something that’s pure and something that’s eternal. He tells you that the blue and
the stars represents truth. How can blue color represent truth when it passes away.
You can start upward and you’ll never get to blue. You can go through and pass on out
towards other planets, but you’ll never find blue. A blue gas that we call Ether is sent up

from the earth towards the Sun. A ceiling is made out of it at a distance. If you go trying to
catch hold of it, you don’t find it. So it is with falsehood; you chase falsehood with truth, it
disappears and you just don’t find it.

       If we take this flag and wrap it around our head, then what does that represent? The
high degree Mason takes our flag and put it on their coat lapel and head, then walk out
celebrating one day a year. Why doesn’t he wear it every day? It doesn’t belong to him. “So,
Muhammad, when was the devil permitted to wear the flag of Islam on his head once a day?”
He got permission when he began studying and trying to act on the principles for 35, 40 or 50
years. You don’t see young men in the devil’s higher Masonry. They all are elder men,
because he’s not suppose to come out with that red fez on his head until he’s so old in the
study of it.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]