by Master Elijah Muhammad


        As you are here waiting to look at me and hear me, it kind of reminds me of a story the
Saviour told me about when the trains first started running in Egypt. When it came through,
everybody was out looking for the train, to see it come through. After it passed, one of the
Muslims said, “Oh, it’s a good thing it stayed on that track.” He said, “If it had come sideways,
it would have wiped us all off the earth.”

       Thanks to be to Allah. I’m glad to see your smiling faces here again, but I’m so sorry that
you are only just a little family out of the south side of Chicago and of the cities outside of
Chicago. I don’t understand why you don’t want to get yourself saved before you’re caught up
in the net of the devil.

        This is the end of the devils. They’re going to kill him off the face of the earth to keep
him from ever filling up the earth again. This is actually the earth of the Blackman and not of

the white man. He said that he has a place wherever you have one. He talks as though he has
as much rights as you. The Bible teaches you and me that the earth belongs to the Lord, but
it never explained 100 % who the Lord is. We are the Lords, and since we are the Lords,
which means masters, we let them use our earth and control the people on it with what they
worship – evil. Their time has been up ever since 1914. This shows how merciful God is. He
won’t kill you even when the day comes. He gives you a little more extension of time.

       I don’t have much time to talk on those old scriptures of the Bible, because I think you
know them. You have read them and you can continue reading them as long as you
understand them. The Bible is a kind of book, that if you don’t understand what you read,
you are headed directly to the fisher’s net. The fisher’s net doesn’t mean the one out there in
lake Michigan. It means that the fisher is the devil and the net is his tricknology. When he
gets you tricked into his net, then you’re going on your way to the lake of fire.

       We want to tell you what Islam is. This is what you came for. You have never known
what Christianity is, although you glorify that it’s your religion and that it’s Jesus Christ’s
religion. Jesus Christ never taught Christianity and you can’t prove it to me. The “Christ,” on
the front end of that name, means the Crusher. The plural part of it means that which the
people believe in. Actually, you are believing in a religion which is not yours. It means, a
Crusher coming at the end of their time to crush the people that believe in that kind of
religion. Christ definitely means a crusher.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]