by Master Elijah Muhammad


       It was 9,000 years ago, remember this, an enemy was produced to cause all of this
trouble that has been coming to the black man for the last 6,000 years, whom we call the
white man instead of just saying devil, that’s his real name – devil. You go by his color,
because you didn’t know who was under the color.

     When Yakub was making him, he took the brown germ away from the black man and he
took that brown germ, which was weaker than the black germ, and looked into the possibility
of making the weaker rule the stronger. This is not out of the order of science. Don’t even
attack the man that says these things, because you may fail to win. This weak germ in us –
the black man – a different color that was brown, Yakub said, “I will take the brown germ
away from the black one and make a man of the brown germ, teach him and give him my
wisdom, my knowledge, then he can rule the black man, from whom I had taken him, until
the black man produces a man that is wiser than I. He then will take me and my made-man
away off the scene to never rise anymore.” He told his people – the white people, “When you
live on this earth for 6,000 years, don’t try to rule the 7th, because in the 7,000th year, your
Brother coming from the East is going to eat you up. The white man or devil knows this,
which is why he goes over in the East and stocks his artillery over there trying to keep the
man from coming out. He starts working on him before he leaves, but they know he is going
to do that.

        As the Holy Qur’an teaches you, “We made you and We know what your mind suggests.”
Whenever he thinks up anything, it already has been known and he can’t pull off anything on
us like a surprise. He has no surprise to make on us. We listen to him while he’s thinking of
it. Think over that brother.

     This is what Jesus was equipped with, the knowledge of thought. That’s why he could
always get out of the way of his enemy before they got there. He had already tuned up on
them. When he knew they were coming from this way, he’d go that way and they couldn’t
over take him, because they were not equipped with the instrument to tune in on the
thoughts of other people. He could always evade them.

      Yakub was not that type of man either. He could not tune up on the people and tell
them what they were thinking about, but this One that I preach to you of, He can tune up on
you and tell you what you’re thinking about, and then see if whether or not He wants to stop
you from making any progress with that thought or allow you to make progress – it depends on
how it affects others and yourself.

       I’m not saying this to make a prophesy for you to carry out, but I do believe that in about
20 or 30 years, you will be able to do just that same thing. If any of you keep yourself, and
your heart clean, the more easily you can hear. If you keep your heart clean with God, you
could go over there across the street, you could go there to Oklahoma, you could go to
California, you then could listen to what I’m saying without the aid of anything like this
[electronic device].

     The devil has made us dumb and now Allah intends to unstop our ears so we can hear
spiritually, as David teaches you in his Psalms, “He has unstopped my ears that I may hear, He
has cut loose my stammering that I may speak plainly.” That’s there in your Bible. This is
coming true right along now, at this time. You don’t have to live in that time, it’s now.

      I will tell you. God has told me how this is done. It comes to your ears just like the bell
in your telephone. It starts ringing in your ears, but you can’t pick up on who’s on the line. If
you do have that ear ringing, that’s me or somebody else trying to get in touch with you. I’m
not trying to make you think that I’m a great scientist who can pick up and tune in on you at
will, God didn’t raise me up to do that. I go so far as He lets me go. Regardless to the
nature, the organs of nature are there to use for such purpose. David says in his Psalms, God
had opened his ears that he may hear – you have it there in Psalms and I think maybe God
will bless me with the same someday when it pleases Him. I don’t think David was any better
than I.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]