by Master Elijah Muhammad


      It was 6,000 years ago that Yakub, the God of the white man, saw his way in making this
people by playing with those two pieces of steel. One was attracting the other. He’s [white
man] still playing with steel. This is the base of his knowledge to rule. It is to turn steel into
weapons and use the weapons to kill you and me. This is just what he’s doing. We did not
make a great Navy to put on the high seas. We don’t need them, as long as we have power
over the water that the navy is on.

      We the nation of Islam, our scientists, our Gods they don’t need a Navy. They’re capable
of sinking yours which you have made, without a Navy. Haven’t you read in the Bible wherein
it teaches you that they saw one angel on the sea and he caused the sea to become a
corrupted power for anyone to use. He turned it all into poison by dropping something out of
the heavens. The Bible teaches, he dropped a star in the water from heaven and made it
unfit for the people to stay on the water. It said, when they dropped that star, all the people
that was in the sea died, right? I want you to know that this is not white people that will
drop that star; it will be black people.

    You are the sons and daughters of Gods, of your kind, who rules the whole earth. They
can take the earth and move it off from its regular rotation and turn it backwards if they
wanted and you won’t ever know the difference. To prove it, whatever goes on in the way of
a terrific explosions in China or in Vietnam, you don’t feel it here do you? No, it’s because the
earth is so large that you can cut away half of it on the other side and you’d never feel it.
The earth is approximately 8,000 miles through in diameter. Since she’s so near to that
figure, most scientists just say 8,000 miles. She is so near to being 25,000 miles in
circumference, so scientists just say approximately 25,000 miles in circumference.

        A God was made 9,000 years into our calendar history, and from that 9,000 years they
count their time. He was a made man in comparison to the nature of us. We can produce a
man in nine months. So, he’s not away from us yet.

       If he can find one thing that he has done without us, we show it by taking and combing
the history and piecing it together, looking for any wisdom that he produced of himself that
we didn’t give him. The Holy Qur’an asks the white race to produce what he has created,
which we didn’t give him and he can’t do it. All that you have, we gave it to you. The white
man has nothing that he created. He fashions something after our creation. We created
everything that he got his piece from, to make what he wanted to make. The iron – the steel

was already here in the earth and he made his rule or kingdom from that which he found in
the earth. That which he found in the earth was ours. That is why you find in the Bible, in
Isaiah, wherein, he cracks down on him to prove to him that He is God and that he has
nothing to fight God with. He tells him that, “I created the fire that you blow, I created the
gold, I created the instrument that you made for a weapon, I created the iron and steel.
Show me Mr. devil man, what do you have to fight me with? I have power over my creation.
Do you have power over your creation? No, because your creation is from mine.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]