by Master Elijah Muhammad 


       God is here after us, because we were born under the enemy and the enemy has taught
us from the cradle to do as he does, which is against us and our people. His teaching is so
strong that we start cutting each other’s throats or shooting each other down. Two brothers
shoot each other to death, or cut each other to death, think over that. It’s strange to see two
brothers, by nature, out there killing each other, for what? That’s your brother. You don’t kill
your brother. You kill other than your brother, if other than your brother attacks you, but not
another brother.

       He put fear in our parents when they were little babies and they came up nursing that
fear from the breast of their mothers. She sits and nurses her poor little baby boy child with
fear of the white man. It went right into the baby and then the child comes up trembling.
He’s scared of white folks. I’m saying, brother, take it or leave it. It’s the truth.

      Who is Yakub? He was the brother of our people and the maker of [the devil], whose
been ruling us for 6,000 years. There was no man that had come up who had the wisdom of
Yakub, to take away His rule until the birth of the Mahdi, Whom I represent to you, in the
name of Master Fard Muhammad. That is your and my God – Master Fard Muhammad in
person, as the Bible teaches you: You will see God as He is in person in the judgment. If you
deny it and say that you will not believe in no man for God, I will tell you, then produce me a
God other than man. Everything that man desires, man prepares it and gives it to us. This
microphone was not prepared by no spook. It was prepared by a man. Show me anything
that was not prepared by man. I am coming from this sky [taking your mind out of the sky] by
telling you what the Stars are, how they were made and what they were made from. I come
to the Sun and tell you what the Sun is what it is and what it was made for. I come to the
Moon and tell you what the Moon was made from and why it’s called a Moon and why it has
not been replaced since it was taken away from a certain place. It has to serve its purpose in
raising you and I, brothers and sisters, to rule the whole Universe in the Hereafter.

   Our words will become “Be” over the creation of the First God who said “Be” and there it
Is.” Our word must be that now. It must come to pass that one of you will say the same
tomorrow and we’ll have something different, though it may be a hundred, it may be a
thousand, or it may be a million years, it will come to pass. Remember that.
I don’t have time for us to go into argument over these things, because I have to get you
up to the position to argue if you want.

        This man that made the white man was here 6,000 years ago breaking the 25,000 years
into the 6,000 years of his rule. He doesn’t go to the end of the 6,000 years. In the Calendar
of our rule, once every 25,000 years, we change Gods. His wisdom is limited to only 25,000

years. Here, Yakub came in a vacuum like that of 25,000 years, from the year 9,000 thousand
to the year of 15,000.

        Nine thousand years into the calendar history of 25,000 years, this man Yakub was born
and his civilization was to lead us for 6,000 years, until the year 15,000 of our calendar. That
year 6,000, the wise theologians of the white man know what I’m talking about. They know
their time is out. It went out in 1914. “Then why are not we ruling?” Because, you are yet
still sleep. You are yet still sleep and this is my work: to wake you up completely and make
you command your way. You must lay hold to the rule and rule the people of the earth – the
black man of the earth. I’m sorry black brother who’s from abroad, we are raised up to rule
the next world which is only black. A class of rulers must be prepared to rule that people.
We are the ones.

      The times that you hear us say, “accept your own,” it includes that you accept the rule.
That’s what you are – the ruler! You ruled once upon a time, before the makings of the white
man, the devil of the earth. You, now, are supposed to run for it now, not to be taught, so to
speak, but run for it, because there is no man in the Sun that can condemn what Elijah
teaches. No. You may feel that you can do it, but those are just your “feelings.” When I’m
through with you, you can rule with what I teach you and get respect and honor throughout
the world of man. If you leave America and go in any part of the earth, among any people,
and you tell them that you are a follower of mine, they will respect you immediately.\


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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