by Master Elijah Muhammad


         Listen to what I say to you carefully; maybe someday you’ll think you can argue with me,
but what I say, in ten thousand years, you still will never be able to condemn me – you can’t,
because what I give to you is from God and you can’t condemn God.
You know, we’re up from slavery with the white man’s teaching and education. We think
he knows everything. He has to know-how in his world, but he doesn’t have the know-how in
our world. Our world was first and it will be the last, if there is to be any last. We can take
his wisdom today and wrap it around our little finger and ask our little finger, “What’s that
around you?” I am risen up among you to condemn the white man’s teaching and condemn
him to death. This is what I am here for. I don’t want you to think you’re playing with no
light boy at all. My size is very small, that’s why they symbolically prophesied of me as being
a little Lamb instead of a grown up Lamb.

       No Christian believer, that doesn’t mean that was Jesus and I’m trying to steal him.
Jesus was a well learned man. The Lamb there is a man that’s not only little in stature, but
little in education. Jesus was an highly educated man. He was not any dumbbell. He
graduated from Al-Azhar and he was no dumbbell. He walked 600 hundred miles from Cairo
University in Al-Azhar into the land of Israel to start teaching Israel 2,000 years ahead of
Israel’s time to live – but this one is on time. I’m not only on time, but I’m a little behind the

      The time of Israel was out in 1914. Count the years since 1914, as the FBI told me when
I was arrested by them in 1942 in Washington DC, not for what I was teaching he says, “If you
had come with this teaching 20 years ago, you would have been shot outright, but it’s time
that your people should know this. So, we are not trying to stop you from teaching, but
President Roosevelt don’t want you out here in the public with that kind of teaching while
America is trying to prosecute the war between her, Germany and Japan. That’s all they’re
putting you away for, is to keep you out of public while we are trying to prosecute the war
between Japan and Germany.” Well, I said, “It’s a terrible thing to set a man in jail to wait
until a war ends to free him,” He said, “Just that one.”

       I was freed in 1946. The US parole officer told me, down there in the loop, “Elijah you
can go ahead and teach what you have been teaching and nobody will bother you anymore.
You teach whatever you have been teaching. We didn’t put you up for what you were
teaching, but just to keep you from teaching others while we were at war. We didn’t want
them saying that they wouldn’t go to the war, like you were doing. There has been two wars
since then which you have fallen in with them whole heartedly, because you don’t know
yourself. You’re blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self; therefore, you say, “Come,
come on, let’s go over to Vietnam and kill them so America can rule without her”. You didn’t
know what you were saying, because you didn’t know yourself.

      What is the root of the Vietnam war with America? It is to let these two fight. They
both are enemies of God. Let them fight and let them kill off as many as they want of
themselves – the Christian and the Hindus. Vietnam people are Hindus and you have no right

whatsoever trying to make yourself a Hindu by defending them, but you didn’t know that. I’m
telling you, they’re no kin to us; they’re no brothers of ours. They hate you if you let them go
free and let their Hinduism, which is their religion, rule longer. If you don’t believe like they
believe, in Hinduism, they would want to kill you. In the first place, you were the dumbbell.
You had no rights over there, but you went because he called you and told you to come and
go with me to fight my enemy. You said, “Yes sir.” “But if I don’t go he will put me in jail,”
What about that one he put in the grave?

      We have been made just like our enemy, the devil. We have the desire to defend him,
even at the price of killing each other. The Hindu people are not brothers of ours, just
because they have black eyes or something, or because you see some natural part of the man
looking like you, no sir. They’re not of us at all. That old Hinduism has been taught by them,
so God taught me for 35,000 years, not just three thousand or two-thousand from Jesus, but
35,000 years. That’s the age of Hinduism. You can’t change them hardly, as the Muslims tell
me over there, that if they make one convert to Islam a year, they think they’re doing fine.
He’s an old enemy of God. That war was to run him and his Hinduism off the planet. That’s
why God let him and Christian fight each other, because He intends to get both of them.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]


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