by Master Elijah Muhammad


      As I teach, I will ask Brother Minister James Shabazz to do certain drawings and figures
on the board as I instruct. I want you to draw me a long hyphen. Cut it off about six inches
of it on each side. Put a zero on this end. This zero represents nothing. Put another zero on
the other end. Now you have nothing to go from or nothing to start with, right? Because the
beginning of zero is nothing and the end is nothing, listen good. If we have one of the zeros
erased, and have zero here, and we go from zero out here at the other end finding one, then
from nothing is created, what we call in arithmetic, “number 1,” we go from that to study the
others. How many ones do we have to study? It’s nine isn’t it.

      From this zero we go out to the end of that long hyphen and we find one. What
produced one? It was nothing wasn’t it? If he puts the one to the right of the zero, he makes
a fraction out of one right? But, if he put it to the left of the zero, he makes it a whole
number. We are multiplying that one by putting just that zero in front of it making it tenfold.

       This represents you and me. We were nothing until the coming of Allah. We were like
that zero there – nothing. Now He came and put Himself with us. When he put Himself with
us, He increased us tenfold. God has increased us tenfold by adding His number one self.
He’s the great number one God putting Himself beside nothing. He made nothing come forth.
He made something out of nothing by coming and standing beside nothing, which was no more
than a zero. It made the zero something we could count from. This is you and me. You are
getting up in the world, capable of being looked upon and respected, because the one God is
beside us who are considered nothing.

        I only want to bring you into the knowledge of yourself. Why are you nothing? Are you
in any way tallied with the universe? Yes. “Elijah why did you make the zero round?” Because
that’s the way the universe was before the creation of man. Out of it we came by One who
was self created. He didn’t come from the creation of another. He’s the creator Himself –

The First – remember that. He made Himself in a Circle so that the wisdom of His self-
creation could keep going to give knowledge, wisdom and understanding to you and me. I

want us to remember that.

       Out of this darkness came One and then He took the Unknown and put it in front of
Himself. For what? To produce the Known. That’s why the zero goes in front. To make more
zeros, He puts more up there beside zero and it keep producing or making this “one” tenfold
more powerful than it is, just by adding zero’s. “What are you trying to drive us to
Muhammad?” I’m saying that the more of you – who knew nothing and was like that zero – are
added to the one God, you become something. I’m only now making figures of us and from
the figures, we teach and you can understand.

       Since we started from nothing and God Himself started from nothing, we’re going to
something, because the creator found something more in the darkened circle than he had
thought that he would find. He’s not here today – that same man – but He laid a base for a
wise God to come and get a platform out of His work of self creating. Once every 25,000
years, there’s a new God that’s been coming up in the past, so God taught me. Their wisdom
would always run through to about 25,000 years, then they would change and bring in another
one. All the Gods that ruled, as you didn’t know, They ruled by ones, and not by just the
same one. This is why you are taught God is One. That’s right, but it’s not the same God.

     With us, They all are dealt with righteousness until about 6,000 years ago or better. They
produced a contrary God Who wanted to make his name known in power and wisdom in the
Universe. This was only 6,000 years ago. This was taken up by one God to rule the people for
6,000 years.  So, for 6,000 years, we had a Black God, his name was Yakub. He was playing with two
pieces of steel one day and there he learned his own work. By watching their reaction, one
attracting the other and coming together. He was six years old. He was a man born a Black
Scientist with a big head. He had a great big head, and they use to call him – so God told me
– ‘The big head Yakub,’ because his big head contained so much wisdom or brains of wisdom.

        He was called ‘The big head Yakub,’ meaning He had a lot of wisdom. He told his uncle
saying, “When I get to be an old man, I’m going to make a man that will rule you.” His Uncle
looked at his nephew and said, “What will you make other than something that will cause
bloodshed and mischief in the land?” He said that he didn’t tell his uncle no. He knew his
Uncle was telling the truth, He said, “That’s alright, I know what you do not know.” Yakub
did not tell him that he was wrong, because that was just the thing he was going to do. I
know what you did not know, and he did.

        “Muhammad, who is this questioning Muhammad?” It’s the Gods. He was in the Circle of
Gods and that was God speaking to Him, questioning Him on his make of a man. When He
got to be a grown up man, he went out to start grafting the man that He decided to make – a
ruler out from us. Think over that, He didn’t go out to make him otherwise, but to get him

out of us, because we had the right material in us for making of such man. You would say to
me, “Well Muhammad what kind of material?” In college, school and the laboratory of his day
and time, He took the germ of the Black man and experimented on it to see what was in it.
He saw in the Black man’s germ two (2) people and one (1) was weaker than the other and
this weaker germ was brown. He kept experimenting with it and He said, “Yes, I can separate
this brown germ which is weaker than the other one – the black one. I can make a man out of
that germ and then I will teach him my wisdom and then he will rule the black one until the
black one produces a God greater than I”. He discovered the black germ that he would use to
make an inferior man to rule a superior man. It would take 6,000 years for the black germ to
produce a white man who would have more wisdom than he, then he could erase my
civilization and set his into orbit.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]