by Master Elijah Muhammad


       Their theologians and scientists are making new additions of the Bible. He is doing it for
two reasons: His purpose and aim is to keep you blind to the truth in it and keep the book

away from your knowledge, keeping it to himself [influencing] others that have not yet caught
up with his lies.
“Is the Bible a lie Elijah?” No. it’s not a lie, if you understand it. If you don’t understand,
it makes you see wrong and we see that the wrong way you are seeing it was put there
purposely by the liars to keep you away from the truth. You are a great and blessed people
to have God raise up from among you, your own brother, and teach him the knowledge of the
book. I have been given the knowledge of the Bible. This is why I tell you that I will give you
$10,000 dollars if you can find me lying, because God taught me the knowledge of the Bible.

      I wasn’t born like that. He said that I was born with pretty good material. That’s why He had
taken me over, because I was already born with the right material that He wanted, but
everybody’s not born like that. You find that in the Bible.

       It shows that we are not wise if a man offered us a cross and then tells us that they
killed a great man, once upon a time, by hanging him on that cross. We should have said,
“Away with you.” We don’t want you teaching us anything about a religion. You weren’t able.
You didn’t know what a religion was and you didn’t know what to tell him yours was. If you
tell him that you don’t want it, he will ask you – he knows that he’s made you dumb – he’ll say,
“Well, what kind of religion do you have?” You can’t tell him, because you didn’t have one and
he had not taught you one other than his own. The white man was made to take all black
people out of their real religion; not just one, but all. He has gone all over the earth taking
black people out of their original way of life.

       The American flag doesn’t represent what you think it does. You have always been
worshiping it as old glory. When have you found old glory for yourself? You have not found
no glory in that flag for yourself. [You might be saying], “He’s teaching us against the flag of
the country. He must be a communist….” No brother, this [Sun, Moon & Star] is not the
communist flag. I’m trying to teach you that this is your own flag and no other people is to
offer it to you. Go and look over the flags which the nations have in your encyclopedia and in
the regular common books. They teach you that all the nations of your kind and my kind have
a little piece of the Sun, Moon and Star in their flag. Some of them have just a star of it.

      Some of them have a Moon, but the white man is in the stars and stripes, not in the Sun,
Moon and Star. Those that have their flag made after the design of America’s flag or
Europe’s have something to do with it. What I mean is that Europe and America rules that
people. Even your good little brother over in Africa called Liberia. That’s America’s flag, and
the black man over there that he owns in the midst of others. He can take them and try
enslaving the others into going along with him because he’s backed by America. You say,
“Liberia is my country, my state.” No. It’s the white man’s state which he rules. When he gets
out of the state or country, then that native people can call it their own. They rule and can
rule themselves.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]