by Master Elijah Muhammad 


       I thank Mr. Demet who was the president of this church. It was called a church when it
was under their authority. In their religion, they call their honorary home a church.

       We must hear the truth today, like Jesus prophesied, that the truth will make you free.
You don’t have to look for nothing else to free you but truth. Why would Jesus prophesy that?
Because the truth is on your side. You are the truth man. I’m here to contend with the world
– not you, not you alone, but the world. I’m not boasting, I’m just trying to get us acquainted,
that’s all. The scripture is being fulfilled wherein it teaches you and I that He would raise up
one from among the dead and teach that one to teach the other dead, but He Willed that we
should know. Well, this is him standing up here. I’m not boasting. I’m not trying to be
independent in the way boasting and proudness. I’m only trying to make you acquainted with
me, that I am your brother and the best brother you have. This is why I’m up here before
you. I told God, when He was looking for one of us to do this job, I said to him, “back me up
and I will do it.” He looked at me and smiled and said, “Brother are you with me to put our
people on top of civilization?” I said “Yes sir, if you back me up” He said, “I will back you up
brother. You go…,” He says, “I will back you up.” He has been doing that for 40 years. I
have been in many close calls when somebody has been after your life. I have been that
many times. I’m still in it.

       We have set up two classes called F.O.I. and M.G.T. & G.C.C.. The FOI are brothers who
you see wearing the initials [FOI] on their head pieces which represents the circle, only this
does not give to you the signs of the theology inside of the head piece. It gives you the sign
of the universe: the Sun, Moon and Star. Although the sun is not up there, the moon and star
is. It is the closest thing that represents us, as who we are. You can’t get around from being
what you are if you represent the Sun, Moon and Star.

     We are the first people in the Sun; in fact, the sun did not make us, but we made the
sun. Also, the stars that lights up the once darkened globe. Our God made them. Not the
same One that created Himself and brought forth life from Himself, but other Gods behind
Him threw balls out there in the darkness and made light so far into darkness, that you can’t
find the end of it. Light out there is so far, that we can’t make a telescope to pierce the
distance to the outer edge. So, it must be a long ways. It goes into trillions, septillions and
into all the trillions you can mention. You just can’t find the outer edge.

       Would you follow a religion that will hang you from a tree? Would you believe in a
religion that teaches you that the cross is a sign of what the murderers of Jesus did? Would
you now follow that same people? Would you say that Christianity is right when they teach
you that they killed Jesus, their last prophet, would you now follow them? You follow them,
because you don’t know – you don’t understand. You are so righteous by nature absolutely,
that when they had you tied up under slavery, they could tell you anything regarding religion,
of which you didn’t know, and you would them follow because you were created religious and
you want someone to teach you religion of some kind, whether it is the right one or not,
that’s right. You were born a righteous person. The devil has taken you away from
righteousness, enslaved you in log houses and what not and taught you different from what
you were created and made of. He put his way into you and his way is opposed to the right
way. I’m here with the truth from God to challenge the world, that they are unrighteous and
we are righteous.

      Look in your papers and magazines; listen over the radio and TVs of the land and you will
never see him on there trying to condemn me. If he say anything in condemnation to what I’m
teaching, he’ll hide away. He won’t come out in the front and do it. I would like to bring him
out, stand him over there before you like I am, and question him. He’s not going to do it,
because he knows it’s the truth. Islam has produced him and not for righteousness.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]