by Master Elijah Muhammad


        You have never heard the truth as long as you were under the cross and glorifying it to
be the way to God. You glorify it as being actually the right way to Jesus and God. I want
you to know this, and I guess I’m bringing up a fight now, but you don’t have Jesus to guide
you today. I want you to know that. You can tangle with me and all the men I will give to
you, but there’s no such thing as Jesus, that they crucified 2,000 years ago, is on the scene;
there is no such thing.

       He said in the Bible, “I go away” right?…but nevertheless the father will send you one.”
He did go, but you say, “he’s still in the way.” Brother you are blind deaf and dumb. The Bible
tells you he said that he was going away. Going away means he is going to die, not going to
some heaven and listen to you for 2,000 years.

      Yeah, sometimes I’m very fiery and ready to fight. So, if you happen to find me like that
today, I’m ready to fight. It makes me and you, who are awake to the knowledge of what is
going on, so angry with this blue-eyed devil who is blinding you and making you hate me when
I love you. He makes you hate me, because you love what he gives you and not what God and
myself are giving you. My God and myself, as stated in my joke at the beginning of the
lecture, we have something that is going to move you.

      We come before you with the universe on our head or coat lapel, which means that we
come to rule. That’s what it means and nothing else. You can’t produce an argument against
us that you could win with. It is not that you know what to argue on that could condemn
what I’m teaching you; you can’t think it. You can’t think the question to ask me that I cannot
answer. I still want you to hear me alright, and don’t want to lose a word. I want you to hear
me, because you don’t have next year and the year after next to come out and hear this, you
better make up your mind today.

     The change of the world is going on now. It is not to come; it’s in the workings now. On
the radio – I’m sure you have one – and TV, they are teaching you that this world’s time is now
going out; they tell you that. The fight over in Viet Nam is not a fight of yours; it is not a
fight of mine. They are not the people that my God sent after, trying to save – Vietnam
people, nor the white American’s who are fighting them. We have nothing to do with that and
I will tell anyone, regardless to who it is, and regardless to how wise he is. I will tell him,
“You are not wise enough yet to tell me to go to Vietnam to fight.” I’m trying to go after you
today; I’m ready for you.

      A couple of Sundays ago, I was kind of weak. I’m struck with some of these devil’s
complaints and diseases. I don’t know if I should use the word disease; however, I must fulfill
that which is written of me, “In all their afflictions he was afflicted, but the pleasure of the
Lord will prosper with him.” And when He’s not allowing me to prosper in getting to you to
save you from the destruction of the world of the devil, then maybe the God don’t want you.
If you are listening, believing what is said, wanting to follow in what is said, which is the
teachings of yourself making you to know yourself and to know the devil and God, then I bring
these two great Gods before you and make you acquainted with both of them.

     It is up to you to choose whom you will serve. Elijah’s not here to force you to accept
what he’s teaching, it’s just his duty that God has sent him with, which he must tell you. Now
remember that’s all, and I’m not going to try and force you. I’m not going to spend time
arguing with you. I was not raised up among you to argue with you, but to tell you. You can
believe it or let it alone.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]