by Master Elijah Muhammad


       We have gotten to the birth of your worst enemy that ever was on the earth. That’s
Yakub. Yakub the name, doesn’t mean an enemy to us, but the man that had that name made
an enemy for us. You can be called Yakub or I can be called Yakub, but that don’t mean we
are devils or a friend to the maker, that father of the devil, Yakub.

    There are many Muslims who use to hear what I am teaching you. They are used to
hearing it six hours sometimes or less, but I was not taking it up with them at that time,
piecing it apart, showing the in’s and out’s of it like I am today. That is why I take about two
hours each time, to pull you up gradually, so when you get up on top, you will know how far

you have come to reach the top and that you could master your seat up there on top. God
said to me, teach you and He will set you in heaven. He didn’t say run you in heaven. He will
set you in heaven. This is similar to what Yakub taught his people. This means that you will
not be a slave to nobody, white nor black.

      That’s just it, set you in heaven with plenty money. There’s plenty of money here and
plenty money all over the earth. He took it out of the pockets of nations and blessed you and
me with it.

    So I’m going to say to you that if there’s any one of you that have a question that you
want to ask me you may ask, anyone. If there is no questions, then we’re going to dismiss.

Question: I wanted to know, was Sarah a white woman?

Messenger: Really brother, I don’t know if whether she was white or black, but I believe
Abraham had a great love for Black, and maybe he had a black wife. If Sarah was white or
black, her husband was a great prophet, and the time that we are now in was revealed to him
and his prophecy mostly was on the base of us and our return to our own. I don’t say that she
was white and I don’t say she was black, because white Arabs were ruling for a long time after
our history was taken away from us regarding Abraham; yet, it is true that we are following
and fulfilling that which was prophesied by him, and whether Sarah was white or black, it has
never been much of a concern to me. I wasn’t following up Sarah for no particular prophetic
saying in order to bring out some truth of her. Our women who are sitting under guidance
into righteousness use Sarah as a very good woman they could pattern after. This is the only
reason we bring her history up.

      You must follow, believe and practice the truth. If by believing the truth and practicing
the truth, it causes your life to be taken from you, then you were willing to die for that which
you believed in.
If we believe in Christianity and the white man as a leader for us, we go wherever he
tells us to go and offer our lives for him and what he teaches. Now your own has come to you
and if you do what you said you intend to do for him, then do it for yourself.
I never could have striped these men of that which they were in when they came to me
had it not been for God’s power working with me in the way of teaching what I teach them.
They would have still remained in that which they were in. So, this is the proof.

    Islam is not a religion. We call it a religion, but it’s not a religion, because it is the
nature of us. The nature of us can’t be called a religion. That why the 30th chapter and the
30th verse of the Holy Qur’an teaches you that Islam is the nature in which we were born. If
you go to higher Masonry, they will ask you where were you made a Mason? You’d better not
tell them you were made one. You’ve got to tell them that you have always been that.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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