by Master Elijah Muhammad


        I’m satisfied to teach you the truth of this. How it began and how it will end. This is
what I’m doing now, teaching you the beginning of this world and how this world will end. I
have everything of that knowledge in my head from God Himself. You may say, “When will
this be?” I’m not to tell you the day if I knew it. God didn’t tell me to do so, nor anyone else,
until that day comes. There is no man that knows that day or that hour. Some of them think
they know the year of it. I have read the knowledge they have and what they calculate from.
I don’t say that they are millions of years away from it, according to what I have been taught,
but He’s not going to tell you – the wise one – if He knows. He won’t tell and nor will I tell you
the closeness that God gave me of it.

        The time that you live in, you will soon know no more. It won’t go out this calendar
history that we’re in now, which reaches up according to the equalization of the Arab
calendar. It won’t go ten more years, because they just don’t lie. When they point at a thing,
it’s just that. What you read in the Holy Qur’an, it’s just that. You’re not reading a “guess and
lie book.” It tells you the truth. According to the Holy Qur’an, we are not very far from
Gabriel sounding his trumpet.

       We’re at the end of the white man’s world. This is beginning of that end, of which I’m
talking about. I’m showing you the time he began, up to this time. He has been living
according to our calendar history. According to the Islamic calendar history, his time is up
and a long ways up. Because of us, God gave him an extension of time around 60 or more
years. If he had been destroyed right on the date of his time, we too would have been
destroyed, because we weren’t ready, and you are not yet ready, this is why I’m hastening on
to you this truth which you didn’t know. I know what’s about to happen. Allah has told me
and I can read it to you or send it to your address. The time is now, and according to the very
pre-fixed word of the time by God and His prophets. We are overdue. They are ready, but as

        I suggest that, the extension is due to us being blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of
ourselves and being all wrapped up in the belief and faith of white people and their way of
life. You love their way of life, because they made you to love it by not teaching you the way
of yours. We are real righteous people, but we don’t know it, since the devil robbed us of it. The
more you practice the faith of Islam, the more you want to practice it. The reason we teach
you is because you are Muslim yourself. You weren’t made one and we are not making you
one now. We are making you to act on the principles of what by nature you are. You are not
what you are practicing now, and never have been. The devil has you doing that which is his
way of life. You have not, within a hundred years up from slavery, been able to practice his
life as perfect as he does, because by nature, he’s that, and by nature, you are not. When you
get back into the knowledge of yourself and into righteousness, you will love it. You will not
want to do the white man’s wickedness. That makes you love yourself for the first time. You
must learn to love yourself.

      The names that you hear us going in should not be laughed at or mockery made of them.
You should make mock and laugh at the names that you go in of the devil. He doesn’t have
any names. As the Bible teaches you, he doesn’t have any worthwhile names and his names
will be destroyed from the face of the earth.

        We must learn to create and make a world, a new one over the old world of Satan. We
must do this. We must have our own. Our own must come to us. We must seek our own as
even the Indians out in Oklahoma are trying to seek it for their first state. They want their
own. There are millions of us, while there’s only a few Indians, but millions of us don’t know
how to use God-wisdom and the tact of wisdom to get our own.

       You don’t need guns; guns you don’t need. You see the Muslims and myself walking and
riding around this civilization without arms. We handle sometimes ten thousand people at a
gathering. We strip them of their arms and let them go into our meeting place and you never
come around saying that we had to go kill some of the Muslims, because they were being
other than themselves. We don’t carry weapons. We don’t need weapons if we have God on
our side. What do we need with weapons for?

         If He created the heavens and the earth and the iron and steel that you’re using for
weapons, doesn’t He have power over it? Certainly He has power over it. This is why we pay
no attention to his weapons building and arms building, which he’s trying to stop himself from
doing. He sees that we’re an example of people who believe in love and unity of the civilized
man. Forcing him by force of arms doesn’t last any longer than the arms are capable of
getting him to submit to the power the arm represent.

      He came without arms and I don’t carry weapons myself. I go everywhere He asks me to
go, for a big crowd with no weapons whatsoever but His. He puts His own power around me
and under me and over me and I come to you and I speak out boldly.
The first thought that comes to you when you have a weapon is killing a “nigger” or a
black man, because that’s what was in him. He made the weapons with the desire that they
help him kill you and his own kind. We don’t carry weapons for a God other than the truth,
and the power of the truth will protect us, because it’s author is God.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]