by Master Elijah Muhammad


         Yakub was the God of this people and he made gods out of them, as Jesus tells you, that
they are the God of this world, and they are. Anything they want, they don’t get on their
knees praying for it, they make it. They make it for you and me. Anything that the
civilization needs, he produces it. This is what you call god-like power. He is God of this
world. He can produce their desires and materials for the people.

        You can remember when you were a little boy, fifty and seventy-five years old, brothers,
you didn’t see all the scientific achievement for the advancement of the civilization as you
see now, right? Indeed I’m right, because I was back along there myself and I didn’t see it; All
praise is due to Allah. I was so dead to the knowledge of you.

        I am honored to be living today, by God. So many of my brothers have fallen since I was
born and I can’t find them. Don’t be ashamed to tell people that you are 150 years old, if you
are that, because God has blessed you. What if you would live as long as Moses? What if you
would live as long as Methuselah? He lived nearly a thousand years. What are you talking
about being under a hundred years? You’re nothing but a baby!

      Some of you may think that you should tell me that I’m too old. I want the young
brother to come up and tell me whether you can master the mission that I am giving you from
Allah. I suppose that if you would have lived in the days of Moses and the other long-life
prophets, you would have killed them to get them out of the way by thinking, “They’re too
old,” The Bible teaches you that at the age of 120 years Moses he walked upright, he didn’t
walk stooped. When he died, he and the others were like that. So, brother, I think you need
to study history. You think that I am too old and you’re yet not able to take my place. You
would leave the world in a bad condition, because you wouldn’t be able to carry on. Kind of
stick around until God takes me away. I will go away. Don’t think I’m here forever. Of
course, there is no death mentioned in the life of Elijah. In the Bible, he comes up from the
Kings and runs out here in the new Testament in Revelation. So he comes all the way through
the Bible and if he died, we don’t know where he died at.

        I’m not saying that I will live a great long time. I don’t know how long Allah will let me
live. He may not let me live another year as far as that’s concerned. I don’t know, but while
I’m here, I must work and do that which He raised me up from among you to do for you. It’s a
powerful job, as He told me out of His own mouth, He said, “Brother, you have the worst job
of any man that ever lived.” When you start contending with me, you’re making the burden
heavy, because you can’t win and you’re wasting my time and yours too.

        This man [Yakub] was six years old when He started his work. If he was six years old, He
was on time, because He was going to make a people to live 6,000 years. He did do just that
as we see them and they call their number six. In the Bible, they say their number is equal
with the man. That’s right, because we, ourselves, were also created on the number six, but
it was not just a little six years. Ours went into billions and trillions of years, while his
stopped at just a few years carrying 12 months, 365 and 1/4 days. This is his type or his kind
of years that he has lived this 6,000.

         There is no more for him, regardless of your love for him to continue staying here,
letting you enjoy his civilization. That doesn’t make any difference, his time is up. You

should be happy that his time is up, as many worries as he gives you in his time. He didn’t
give us nothing but hell, why should we want him to live? It is because we are so lazy, we
don’t want to go for self and we would rather be a slave to a smart man than to be a smart
man ourselves. So remember that brothers.

         I may not please you much by speaking about the white man, because you love his way
of life. That’s why you don’t like to hear me say too much against him, but we’re at the time
when it’s your and my time that we don’t need to worship him. He’s not going to live to rule
us any longer. He’ll bare me witness that their time is up. They’re just staying around giving
you hell while they are here as long as you don’t remove them. It is our people that are to
remove them, but they can’t be moved as long as you are here worshipping them. They got to
put a stop to your worshipping them, so the thing they’re going to do is break his power on
land, sea and air. This is what they are fixing to do now – Believe it or let it alone – then, if
you want to go along with them, they will give you a fair chance; for on every other corner of
the streets, there will be messengers of God separating the people for final destruction. He’ll
ask you, “What side are you on?” If you tell him that, “I’m on America’s side,” then another one
will tell you where to stand or where to take your stand so they will not make you ill?.
They will come to another one who will ask, “What side are you on?” “I’m on Allah’s side,
the Black peoples’, the Muslims’,” “Okay, come go with me.” This is the way it will be done.

         It won’t be long and you will tell me, “You certainly told us the truth.” This is what the Bible
calls the great separation – putting the sheep to one side and the goats to another. The goats
represent the white man and those who follow him. The sheep represents you who believe in
the truth, believe that you were born of the truth and that you belong to Allah by nature. You
will easily take your place. Be aware that in these days and times, the words that are
dropping into your ears are nothing for you to ignore. Do you ignore your own life? It is not
20 years to come, it is not a lifetime, unless you get killed accidently, it’s right at your door


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]