by Master Elijah Muhammad


        The preacher had been trying to get his audience to listen to him so he could teach
them, but every time he would get there they would start talking about the party they had on
Saturday night; so, the old preacher got tired of that. He studied to come up with a way to
get their attention. He put his 45 (gun) in his pocket, took his Bible and he put a bottle of
whiskey in his Bible case. He got up before the people and put the Bible down to his left and
the 45 over to the right, then he looked over the people and said, “Brothers and sisters, my
text is today, ‘Some of these things will move you.'” I don’t have any of those kind of tools to
use; I have to make out with one book up here.

        We’re going back to our subject. What I’m leading you up to is the Theology of the time,
whereas, it was written in a way which you didn’t understand. If I happen to get a little
weak, I didn’t eat any breakfast this morning. You know, the preacher, most of them, they
eat a little piece of fried chicken when they go out to work. Well, that will strengthen you up
a little, but we ministers of Islam do not do that. We don’t take on physical food first; it
hinders us from getting the spiritual food.

        What we’re teaching here is to bring your mind and your attention to the time, what
must be done in such time. This is what we’re trying to get your attention on: it is the time.
If it is the time, what is time? Time is motion, we can’t make time without a motion.
Whenever we make a motion it is registering time; this is the way the universe is made.
There was no such thing as time before the creation of God or the whole universe, as we call
it now. It was not a universe; it was just a darkened, unlimited amount of space. Darkness is
still the limit of space. If we could get out of the light of stars, we will find ourselves again
into total darkness, but I don’t think you’ll be smart enough to do that. You’re just not going
to get out of the light of the sun and stars.

        To get out of the sunlight into starlight you will have to go a long way. It takes care of
what astronomers call a family, the sun does. The sunlight does not go all over the universe –
that’s why you have stars. Stars pick up and keep the darkness lit throughout the universe.
They are like suns – like our sun. They are nothing but balls of fire. Don’t look and wonder
about what kind of life lives on a star – none at all – it’s a ball of fire. There is no life in all of
the great space extending beyond 4 billion, 6 hundred million miles.

        We have the last planet in the sunlight, some people call it Pluto and that’s pretty good
according to those people who found it. They gave it a name after themselves. A lot of
planets are sometimes called by the name of someone else, such as the astronomer who
discovered it. I’m going to talk to you about that First man who made them. There was no
such thing as going into some great shop carving out a planet to see what it would look like on
paper. The Gods didn’t do that. They just Willed in the planet and there it was. That’s
pretty smart isn’t it? It was your own brother doing that.

       We are practically bringing you up to the Time, of which God has revealed to me. If you
would like to ask questions, think well of how you form your questions. You’re not asking
Elijah Muhammad. Just remember that you’re questioning what God has told Elijah. If you
are the winner and find that Elijah is lying, you’re saying God has lied and I will give you ten
thousand dollars out of the captain’s vest pocket.

       The main thing about this meeting and its teaching is unity. We have been so divided
against each other for the last 400 years that we ought to unite. We look alike. You don’t
look like you’re more whiter than I, and I know we can unite if you’re black. I was sitting
down this morning reading about the Indians’ talk over Oklahoma. They claim that’s the first
state indirectly (in this little book I was reading) that they are going to take over.

     The Red Indians have been mad ever since the white man came across the Atlantic and
took over his country. He has been crazily angry ever since. We have been here and made so
blind, deaf and dumb, that we aren’t angry, we’re satisfied; we don’t want no other place.
Suppose Allah gave you this place to see how you will act? You rule over a country,
that’s nothing hard for you to do. Your fathers once ruled the whole earth; and so, for you to
get back ruling, you’re just getting back in the chair, because you belong here.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]