by Master Elijah Muhammad


        We thank Allah for blessing us with this house. We thank Mr. Demet for letting us in
here. We shall not forget Mr. Demet. He gave us a nice place, one of the 10 most nicest

places in the country for spiritual service and we like the place. We hope you that are
visiting like the place.
[Islam] will allow him to be as clean as the building. It’s walls are clean; we hope that
we can be accepted in the clean societies of the people of earth. All people of the earth will
come here, they all will come here if we permit them. You will see every member of every
nationality or race or nation on the earth, if we would let them in.

       Now I will ask you who are thinking to think this over: If you are to rule after other
rulers have ruled, they have experience ruling and you have not; you probably could be easily
cheated in your freedom to rule by other rulers, so we don’t allow them here until we know
that you are able to master what you are being taught. It’s not open for foreigners; it’s open
for the new baby who is being born, the little black baby.

      I have just began to teach you the history and the secret of the world the one you’re in, I
can’t say when we’re going to finish, but I’m inviting you to come back next Sunday. As you
know, we carry on our own school independent of others. We will never get our own by
mixing up with others and letting our children be brought up in their school. That has been
the wrong thing to do. Teach your own children the knowledge of education yourself. I have
long since been seeking teachers. We have some mighty learned teachers out here and what
we want you to do is come over and put your wisdom here. Let us raise up our nation from
your knowledge. Love to teach and train your children in the knowledge of the black nation
who had no beginning nor will they have an ending.

      They are chasing the white man all over the earth to push him off the earth and you that
likes to go along with him, we’ll push you off too. This is the end of the time of white people
ruling black people; believe it or not. I’m sure some strange things are happening now, even
in nature. It is changing up against our enemy. Look what you hear happening up in the
Northern part of this country. It’s happening every hour, but they don’t tell you every hour
what is going on; they think you already know and you do know some.

       I want to give you Jesus’ whole history, as God gave it to me. I don’t have time now, but
I can say this according to that which you can read. The Holy Qur’an does not call him a God;
he was not a God and he had mentioned it in the Bible, that he came before time to do his
type of teaching and he also admits it in the Holy Qur’an.

       It was not the time of the Jews; their time was not up to have judgment teachings
taught among them because they had yet this time to live, and therefore they cut him off like
they did many righteous prophets that he couldn’t set the world in righteousness and they live
under wickedness and deceive us and make us do the same….
And he was not sent to us at all, Jesus was sent to the Jews, or rather taken himself to
the Jews, there is no prophecy in the Bible that Jesus was to come to preach to the Jews
salvation because he was 2000 years ahead of their time; and so, there’s much more we can
say, but I think we would be losing time. He admits himself that he was ahead of time, and
he prophesied of another one in these words, “When He comes, he will teach you and lead you
into all truths; I can’t do it. I’m here for a special thing, but that One will tell you all.” Like
the one that Moses prophesied of. I bear witness with Moses and his words and his teachings;
wherein Moses said, “That One will lead you into all truths, I can’t do it.”
So I think it is very good that we are living in this time; a time in which we learn the
truth of that which prophets before us couldn’t look into. Now the book tells you, “When He
comes, whom the God will send…,” You will hear from him, that which you have been
longing for. I AM HIM, brother (in soft words).

           I don’t object to you and no one from questioning me. I don’t care who it is. Whatever
question you want to ask is your privilege. If a Teacher who claims to know the truth objects
to you asking him questions, then he’s not the one. We cannot learn if the Teacher won’t let
us ask questions, because what he teaches we don’t know, so we may want to ask questions.

      If you block me from asking questions, then I’m afraid that you’re blocking me from learning
what you teach. I don’t object to anyone asking questions. I put myself before the world. I
don’t put myself just before a certain organization. I defy the white theologians and
philosophers to ask me anything they want. I don’t care what they want to ask me. I am not
boasting. I’m just as humble as you. Wisdom doesn’t make me proud, it makes me humble. If
a man gets proud of his wisdom, he can’t teach us. If he gets down here with us, and humble
himself as nature has created everything in the stage of humbleness. If you’re too proud to go
along with the law of nature, then you won’t be able to teach me much. If I teach you and
you don’t understand, it’s your freedom to ask me of that which you don’t understand to make
it clear to you. If I can’t make it clear, then I am not the last teacher. And I am your last


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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