by Master Elijah Muhammad


        A God who is able to fulfill His promise to us, having come and offered you that flag on
the right [of the Actual Facts Board] means that it is time now that you to rule your own.
That’s your own and He has offered it to us. We have a song we sing of that beauty like this,
“Allah has give to us our own, the sun, moon and star, for a flag.” I don’t think you will find
the white people running all over the earth with that on their head. They know better. They
don’t have part in it, they have time in it, but not part in the creation.

        When you ask the white man about his secret order called Masonry or Masonic, he wants
you to answer that you were not made that, but you were born that; that’s true. We are born
Muslim and cannot be accepted by saying I as made a Muslim. We were created Muslim.
Some of you may be Masons in here I want to come over in that corner with you to teach you

        In reading a book in the Washington Congressional Library on Ancient Masonry, I had to
laugh sometimes to see how we have been fooled. Now you are getting the highest degree in
that order which no white man would ever teach you; however, we won’t stop here to deal
with some kind of society. We will move on with truth.

        If we bring to you – I’m talking about the disbelievers and hypocrites – that flag [Sun,
Moon & Star] and tell you that’s our sign or emblem, you that have studied degrees in Masonry
should not hesitate to come over, because we give you more than what the devil has given
you. These brothers sitting here before our eyes patrolling the floor space, they are men
that have learned more about Masonry than you. Your Masonry has included the history of

your slavery, which it also teaches you, but you don’t know it. Your first three degrees takes
you into your slavery – those three degrees there – they are the answer to your slavery, if you
understand, but not understanding them as the white man would not teach you the theology
side of it, it makes you dumb even to that which you actually own. I don’t like to call you
such names, but it’s an easy answer to the truth of it.

        The ignorant among you look at that [Sun, Moon & Star] and laugh at it, because he’s
ignorant of the truth of it and he don’t know what he’s done. He’ll smile at his old stars and
stripes – he calls it old glory. If I were you I’d change the name and say it’s old hell. I know
it’s hard to take, but if you would let me teach you, you’d go sticking out your little chest.
It’ll make you feel like sticking your chest out, but I say, don’t act proud; be humble and yet

       If we bring to you the sun, moon and star and you laughed at it and criticized it and say
you don’t want it and would rather have a made square of the devil – enough for you to get by
with, because you’re only wishing to be recognized by the devil, not by your people. That’s
why you go and join up with them in every society that you think he will let you in. You want
to be his equal, be recognized and respected by him, he didn’t make his society or societies to
make you his equal. He robbed you of money, alright enough, to be called one of them. He
doesn’t like to call you a brother in any society. Before we tell him that we will accept him
calling us brother, he try calling us brother. Many white people out there call us brother or
refer to us as “the brothers,” because we have the truth and the light at and in our right
position of the square. We don’t do this for form and fashion – no – it is the truth. If we say
that we are on the square with you, it doesn’t mean that we’re just saying that because of the
sign of the square – no. We say that because we are the square ourselves. Not that we make
a sign to go by, we’re the square and we are the star and we are the moon. While you do
these things according to his teaching just for the respect of the white people who are one.

       They’ll get recognition of it in America, Australia and in Europe. This is just the act that they
have for you to buy to get among them and Freemasonry in and of itself does not take you any
further than Australia and into Europe, but this on the right here [Sun, Moon and Star] takes
you all over the earth.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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