by Master Elijah Muhammad 


          I saw some chickens one day. These chickens was standing around in the yard acting
proud – the rooster was – and he was scanning the skies for his enemies. Anything like a
hawk, he warns his family to go, but he doesn’t run; he stays out there to battle the hawk
when it hits the ground. Until you learn to stand up to the enemy, die or live, live or die, we
will not be respected by all the people of the earth. We must learn to do that.

       The Muslim is trying to learn to respect their black sisters. The black brother Muslim is
trying to show you how to do the same. A coward Muslim is not a Muslim. If we claim that
we are backed by God and that we are with God to back Him among enemies of His, I say
brothers and sisters, let us prove these things, don’t act, but prove it. In the oath of Islam it
goes like this: “My prayer, my life, and my death is all for Allah.” This is an oath that we take
and a prayer. If we don’t do what we say in the prayer, we are telling other than the truth to

        In Christianity, it was a religion that we did as we pleased – not so in Islam. You can’t do
as you please in Islam, because some of your “pleases” may not please Allah; so, we do that
which pleases Allah with us. If we are asked to pray five times a day in Islam, to show that
we are a good Muslim, well, if we want Allah to take care of us every five minutes, ever five
seconds, every fraction of a second, then I don’t think we’re praying too regular to him just
putting up five prayers. That’s not so much from the “much” that we’re getting from Him and
“much” we hope from Him.

      On the [Actual Facts Board] it reads, “Which one will survive the War of Armageddon,”
which is now taking place. We’re going into that war and we’re in it now this very minute. If
you believe in Christianity, which has mistreated and hung you on trees, then I think you

should look at this and think well. [How could] a murderer survive peace, which we have
experienced all of our lives? [Whereas] the heavens do not give us any trouble; yet we
disobey the law and rules of the heaven, which are obeying the creator. The star, moon and
sun obey the laws of its creator, but this stuff [cross and American flag] to our left is the
make-up of an enemy against that to our right [Sun, Moon & Star].

       He is opposed to the laws that governs that which he cannot do without himself. He
cannot find any place to live, but in the peaceful kingdom of the universe, and regardless to
how far he goes, he can’t build one outside of this one. Let him try and build him a universe,
then he can be independent of ours, but since he was not able to build him a universe then
obey the laws of ours. That he can’t do, because one of our black scientists, a little over
6,600 years ago, made him according to His worship. He didn’t make him according to our
worship, He made him according to His worship.

        This troublemaker was made of the nature of making trouble. When his God made him,
He said, “Go now and make all the mischief that you can before the coming of the Mahdi.”
Who is the Mahdi? He is the God we call Allah. We call Him other names, but He is the One
also Who is referred to in our Bible that will come. Mahdi means a name of self
independence, One who doesn’t rely on others; He’s self independent and He’s one that is
coming in the last days to bring about the judgment of the made-man. He’s referred to by
many as being the Son of Man. I don’t know whether I should tell you all of this or not?

       The Son of Man is that man Who is given authority and power by God to carry out His
judgment upon the people. That’s what Son of Man is. Then, it goes also for the Mahdi being
born out of His nation by a woman that was not of his nation. The man that produced the
child, who she gave birth to, was of us, the Black nation. He married her to get an unalike
child, so that he could send that child among our people, and his people, to produce a ruler
from us. We who were lost among the unalike people. The man Who had been made from
part of his people and the enemy, was and is the God of the judgment and of the destruction
of the unalike, who has attracted the black man for these last 6,000 years to follow. The
unalike is the white people. They are unalike us. We are not like them and they’re not like
us, only in the nature of a man. That’s why they call him man-kind, because he’s just kind of
like the real man, but he’s not the real man.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]