by Master Elijah Muhammad


             I have two books up here, one the Holy Qur’an and one the Bible, both books are ours.
The white man has never produced a righteous scripture for you. He tampered with that
which he got his hands on, to make it correspond with what he has in mind. Now, the Bible
says, “In the beginning…” but it doesn’t teach us when the beginning was. It also states that,
…when and God created the heaven and earth and created Adam, okay. Who is Adam and
when did God create the heavens and the earth? They don’t exhaust themselves trying to
teach you that wisdom, but you’re sitting before a little man who has been taught in person
by God and I think I can come just as close as that man can come to it from what He taught

           There’s no man that knows exactly when the beginning of the heavens and the earth took
place, because there was no one to record the time. There was only one man there and He
didn’t have the knowledge of keeping time like we have; He was laying a foundation for you
and me to learn how to calculate time. Mathematics is true, if you know how to use it. The
religion of Islam is equally as true as mathematics and mathematics is true as Islam if you
know how to use both of them in the proper place.
We only want you to understand that we are here bringing you the truth and that we
defy you or any other mathematician to disprove us.

          If Islam stands out before your eyes as a sign of the universe and if the universe was
made wrong and its truths cannot be found in it, then we live in an awful universe. If the
religion of Islam takes for its base the root meaning of the universe for its religion, then I say
you have an awful job trying to tangle with that type of people. They’ll have you running
around looking for something to prove what you say. A religion whose roots is not based upon
the universal order of things, you have no religion. Christianity as you see, is based upon the
murder of a man 2,000 years ago, and such sign (cross) is not in accord with the universal
order of things; it’s only in order of a murderer.
(Actual Facts Board)

           Here stands his sign, a tree out of which he got his cross. There, he places our brothers
on it, then our poor brothers, having not the understanding of what he’s taught to believe in,
falls down and worships it. He says he loves Jesus; well, why? How can you love Jesus and
love the murderer of Jesus and his sign. You just can’t do it; so, you are blindly wondering in
among a people who’s yours and my deadly enemy. They make mockery of the righteous by
making signs that they murdered him, then hand it over to you for worshipping. This is evil
and evil to the eye. We don’t want any such religion. What do you think I ought to do for

             In the South, I met a devil who had a piece of a black man’s ear in his pocket. He
showed it to me to make me fear him, because [in words to say] “I am a murderer and a killer
of your people.” That’s what he wanted to let me know, but we are so blindly and ignorantly
in love with the enemy, until we forgive him for killing all of our people except ourselves. I
say brothers and sisters, wake up.

             This is the height of ignorance: a black woman wanting to marry a white man – her
murderer, or a black man wanting to marry a white woman – his murderer. You must
remember the parable of Delilah was for her people and not for Samson, because Samson
was a strong man that her people didn’t like and she only wanted to find out his wisdom of
strength. It shows how he tried to shun her, but later gave in, because she was unalike and
she was much smarter than Samson in wisdom; therefore, she could force Samson to give up
himself to her. Remember that was put there for us. We are the Samson of the time, but
we can destroy ourselves by giving over to the enemy all of our secrets. Some of the brothers
call them Uncle Toms. I don’t think he should put the “Uncle” there.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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