by Master Elijah Muhammad 


             (put picture of Actual Fact Board here)
            These stripes are to acquaint you with the knowledge of signs. The signs here, as I told
to you last [chapter] on this board, is the American flag and his religion. With it, to the left,
is an awful sign of your brother swinging on a tree and the sign of his religion beside him.
Don’t fear, they will not try stopping me from putting this up here, because they can’t
condemn it.

          The righteous people of Christianity will swing his own brother up on limbs like that
[what’s on the board]. Every since we have been in this country, we have been in his religion.
You are black and believes in Christianity and he will take you and swing you on the tree, this
proves that you are not a brother of his. The reading in between his flags says, “Which one
will survive the War of Armageddon?” I don’t have to ask you. You know that the stars and
stripes are not going to survive the star and the moon, you know that. So it’s a big question
mark there.

           Again, if I asked you when was Christianity inserted into the religion of man? If it didn’t
come or change with the earth, with the star and moon, you don’t have God’s religion. You
must have the religion of God who created the heavens and the earth and taught man the
right way. You cannot boast of a religion that did not come with the heavens and the Earth –
that’s right. No theologian will condemn you – take you down to the road of peace and get
you guessing and wondering when it come about.

            God never changed His religion. If He did change it, it shows that He didn’t fore-know
things. He’s suppose to know the future and the end of all things; so, He chooses one religion;
that religion must be capable of defining the truth of what he has made.
If God made the universe and did not define it in telling you and I what He made it for,
then the God is not accurate with His truth of His creation. Let’s listen good and try and learn
something. I don’t argue with you, because I know what you know and I’m not boasting in
what I know. I put it out here to you; you are welcomed to take it or leave it. It is yours as
well as mine.

            There is a lot of boasting and proud acting among us, but I say, put it down, because the
Bible teaches you that God will destroy the proud. He don’t like proud people and I don’t
either. We like humble people who can recognize the humble humility of us all and that if we
can recognize our own humility, then I think we got something to hold. Not one of us is up
from slavery. Not one of us is the President of the United States; so, let us be careful what
we boast of. If you have quite a bit of money, that’s alright, it’s here in the earth; maybe we
could get some one day. You didn’t get it all.
This teaching that God has brought to me is to level us off. That’s right, some of us are
up too high, as the Holy Qur’an speaks to a proud man and his kind in this way, trying to be

up over everybody, it says, “You cannot reach the top of mountains in your height nor can you
go and step through the earth; so, since you can’t step through the earth – it’s too deep, and
you’re not able to reach the top of mountains and hills on the earth, then even the earth is
taller than you and deeper than you, so let us take our place where we were created and try
to man it.

            The secret of the time has been held back from you by your enemy, because they have
the worse feeling of time. Time is that which has a motion or start and an ending. When it
comes to this world, they have a beginning and they have an ending. This is why they talk
most of time, because they were put on time to go so far and then leave. This “forever” is
bowing out. This is well known to them, but it’s not well known to you.

             You read in the Bible, Revelation, that his time is what’s feared by the man whose
number is 6, but I’m afraid that you don’t know how to understand the time. Let him that
reads understand the number of the beast. Just to be named a beast is sufficient for you and
me to stay away from that man – a man now the prophet calls a beast. He is called a beast,
because his characteristics is that of a beast. You never see people kill and delight in killing
like these. Beast don’t take sorrow for the beast they kill, if they want to kill him. This is the
same kind of nature he has. He don’t care nothing about killing, because that’s put in his
nature. If you think that he has some kind of mercy or a heart, you are headed for his next.
He doesn’t have no heart, like you and me.

           You have heard and probably have seen how the black brother pleads to them not to
hurt them and he pays no attention to that. He laughs, because he doesn’t have any mercy in
him, by nature. The devil gives one of his black servants just a buttered biscuit and he’ll go
fight you for that, because he was born with the devil and he’s not in the knowledge of the
devil though he was born with him.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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