by Master Elijah Muhammad


         The theology of time: We must know the truth that has been hidden from us. “Oh them
old folks – they hates white folks.” Yeah we’re the people that hate them; we don’t love them
and they don’t love you. [They pretend] only to get you in trouble or bring you to your end;
he was made to destroy us. He was not made to save us, but to destroy us so that his people
could rule you and me forever.

        I want you to listen good and I’m not afraid if you’re trembling, I’m not trembling. For 40
years I have been teaching what you hear me teaching – only a little addition – and into the
science of it now, but for 40 years I have been going over this country preaching to you, my
kind, that the blue-eyed Caucasian people are devils and that they were made that way. You
can’t change them unless you take and re-graft them back into us, where they came from.
You say, “Oh, well then we’re all devil.” Oh no, you got it wrong. [Just] because you made a
car doesn’t mean that you’re a car yourself. We are going into that extensively after a while –
how we made devil. We are the God that made him, but we didn’t intend for him to touch us,
no. Well, you know that I’m not a young man flying off at the handle.

         You see these brothers and sisters sitting in front of me, what these brothers wear on
their head represents the universe. They are wearing it, because God is now turning over to
the slave, black man, the universe and they are within their right to put it on their heads,
because it’s theirs. I guess I’d better just bring it on out.

         If you don’t see the white Mason wearing it but once a year, you wonder then why we
don’t wear it along with them once a year? We are the father of it. So, if the father is going
to lay his emblem aside to go along with the non-owner, then the father is doing this either to
make acquaintance with him in his own country or the father is just laying his down for a
certain time. Today, we are suppose to wear our fez, which represents the universe, but
white people don’t do this, they wear them once a year in some kind of turn-out, because this
is not his, that’s why he don’t wear it. He’s a man put in the universe for a time and at the
end of that time, he gets out of our house. If he doesn’t get out, we throw him out. The

heavens and the earth belong to black people and this is why this teachings has come to you:
It is to acquaint you with the knowledge of your own.

        Last [chapter] we left off talking about stripes. There is so much to tell you that I could
put it into books after books. There is plenty books wrote on it now, but some of them I don’t
go for.

       There are books that are piled up into libraries throughout the world, books after books,
mostly to commercialize on [the subject]; you don’t need all of these books. As the Bible
teaches you back there in the last part of it, [Revelations], that he saw God give a man with
a symbolic name a little book and that little book was enough to take care of all the big
books. That is true. Allah gave me a little book and He’s preparing another little book –
well, He got it prepared, but He’s waiting for a certain time to give it to me. If we are to
know the right way, it cannot be taught by the wrong way teacher. You’ve got to have the
right teacher to teach the right way. Believe it or not.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]