by Master Elijah Muhammad


       We want above all, unity of brotherhood. That’s what Islam is here for, to unite us into a
circle of brotherhood – everyone of us believing that we are the same. Islam is not made up
of big “I’s” and little “U’s.” We all are alike before Allah. As the Holy Qur’an teaches us, that
the noblest among you is the one most careful of his duty to Allah. We have a religion of
equality, and Islam is equality. That is what the Moon in our flag stands for. It’s equal with
the Earth and the Earth is equal with the Moon. All the planets are equal in the Sun, because
it being the greater attraction, doesn’t make it greater in the eye sight of God.

      The Scientist of ours ripped up the Moon 66 trillion years ago, and we go back there
through the white man looking at it. We look at the destroyed piece of our planet, to let man
know that he shouldn’t worship that either, because it’s the same as what you’re on. It has
been deprived of its life. Just like the white man holds the Blackman, deprived of his life.
This is a sign of us. If we don’t make what God has revealed clear to our people, then the
revealing was unnecessary.

        There is no God in the Sun before you. The Blackman has no beginning. There was no
God before him, or we would be following another people, but we are here on the earth and
we made the white race ourselves just a little while ago. The Holy Qur’an teaches us that
God didn’t make us to live forever. Only the Nation lives forever, but no single Blackman lives
forever. We have accounts of them living near a thousand years, but they are not to live

         After the Scientists live here and learn all about his earth and knows what is to come to
His earth tomorrow – it could be a thousand years or twenty thousand years – He’s not
particular about staying around to see it coming in, because He already knows it. He gets
tired and start living a life which He knows will have an end to it. The Saviour said some of
these Great Scientist just start eating three times a day and soon dies, because the food is
the thing that sustains life and keeps us here and the same food will take us away. The
poison that’s in the food will eventually destroy our physical form. This is the way Highly
Learned Scientists among the Blackman gets away out of our family, they just start eating
against the way He should eat.

         We are now living in the last of the 15,000 years, although the God of this present cycle,
His time of wisdom was supposed to have gone for 25,000 years, but since the Mahdi has come
in against all previous Gods, because He is God of us all. His Wisdom is not matched by no
God in the past or in the future to come; therefore, the Scientist say that He lives forever,
because nobody can remove His Knowledge.

     I’m the little boy that challenged the world of science to disprove just one word I said. If
you are able to condemn me as false on one word that I teach, I’ll give you $10,000 dollars out
of my brother’s vest pocket and then I’ll pay with my life for lying to you. We must not lie in
this day, because it’s the end of this world.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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