by Master Elijah Muhammad


          In the name of Allah, the most merciful all holy praises is due thee oh Allah, the Lord of
the Worlds, the most merciful, Master of this day of judgment in which we now live. Thee do
we serve, thee do we beseech for thine help. Oh Allah, guide us on the right path, the path of
those upon whom thou has bestowed thy favors, not of those upon whom thy wrath is brought
down, nor of those who go astray after they have heard thine teachings, Amen.

        We have a great time of trouble going on and it’s getting worse and worse every hour;
therefore, we should be here to decide on what way we shall take. We have no time to think
about trying to correspond with the people of this world, don’t be trying to imitate them.
This is the time of separation and the destruction of one and the safety of another. I don’t
want you to think that I am here before you for fun and foolishness. I’m here like the cabinet
officer trying to direct you into the right path or lane or road. No more time for foolishness.

        The Theology of time that I am teaching you is mostly the secret that has been held back
on religion. We cannot depend on the road which we have been put on by our enemies. We
have to forsake his guidance and his leadership if we want to see the hereafter.
We are not any kin to them at all and they are no kin to us. This is the way you can
easily get deceived today, that is, being ignorant to the knowledge of self, you want to be
friendly with the same enemy that has brought you to nothing. [You’re saying] that you love

everybody – just wait a few days, walking around talking about you love everybody. They
have a place to put people that love everybody. You must remember that if you love
everybody, you love first your enemies; theirs included, and our enemies are included. So we
can’t tolerate you if you love everybody, because you’re loving your enemies and ours too.

        We must understand the truth. The Bible doesn’t teach you to love your enemies, if so,
you throw that Bible in the waste basket. The enemy put that in there to help himself. You’ll
be loving the enemy of God and yet, claim that you love God. You can’t love God and love His
enemy and your enemies included. What do you look like loving the devil? Let the devil love
devil and not you loving the devil thinking that you are getting friendship with God; you’re
getting to be an enemy of God. How foolish he has made you by deceiving you into believing
in loving everybody; everybody’s not to be loved.

         We have various kinds of people: You love your brother as you love yourself, but let that
brother be one who God loves and one of your blood and flesh. You can’t love every kind of
flesh. You don’t have that understanding. The enemy made you to think that, but you can’t
love him – no. This is why he declares to God that he would take them all, in the Holy Qur’an,
and deceive you and take you to hell with him by making you to love him. You cannot
intermarry with them unless that you want to go to hell with them. I know this doesn’t sound
so good to you who have been deceived; so I’m telling you before it’s too late.

        There are people who have nice clean homes and if you love your dog, then I advise you
not to bring him in here. Some of us love dogs and want everybody else to love that dog. You
find a people who are classified with the enemy – the devil, who use to use dogs when he
lived in the caves. He made friends with the dog to help protect himself and his family.
Brothers and sisters, truth is truth. I have been given the knowledge of the devil, this is why
they hate me; they don’t want me to tell you what God has taught me the truth of them.


[Excerpt from  Theology of Time lecture series]

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