by Master Elijah Muhammad


        Those old ancient Hindus who are fighting over there against American Christianity,
Allah put them to fighting, because He doesn’t want either one. So, He let America, the
Christians, kill Hindus all they want and then the Hindu will be killing her too, but they
probably will not win; however, let them kill each other, because we don’t want either one.
Notice how quiet the Muslims act in this war? You never hear him telling no Muslim to go to
war to defend either side, because they don’t want either one of them, Christian nor Hindu.
A Hindu is one of the oldest enemies of God or man. You’re running away talking about,
“Our people are killing our people,” just because he looks like you. They’ve been on this
planet for 35,000 years trying to destroy God and the religion Islam. Do you see a Muslim in
the work of my God that I could get to take one of these bombs and one of these planes, then
fly over their territory, I will show you how long they will be here. There may be some Hindu
believers in here, but I don’t care. Yes, I’d fly over your territory and kill everyone of you if I
could. If you are here, I don’t love you myself. I don’t care if America kills all of you and you
kill them too. I don’t love either one of you.

       “Oh wheel, wheel, wheel,” think over the prophesy looking at it; “Oh wheel, wheel,
wheel,” looking dreadful while loaded up with bombs to rain on America. God told me that
He makes one swoop across America and America will be all but finished off. Just three of
these bombing planes are to go to England. That’ll be the end of England. Just one of these
bombs will take care of her Islands, that’s all. It will go in the earth one mile, which should

bring up a mountain for a mile high and kill the civilization for 50 square miles around it. Oh
brother, don’t come trying to make war with God, it’s a dangerous thing to do.
Today, every kind of deadly weapon is being manufactured to destroy man from the face
of the Earth. They all are angry with each other as the Bible prophesies, “…and the nations
were angry. God Himself is angry, but the time had come for the dead, that they should rise
up and be judged according to justice.” It’s there in your Bible in Revelation. God was
angry, the Lamb was angry, everybody was angry, because the war of the devils were against
God and His Messenger. God and His Messenger were both angry. I’m angry now and ready to
fight. This is why I’m here. I come out alone. I don’t have any armies with me. My few
followers are very weak, they have no arms. If they follow me to my God, they have perfect
arms, arms that don’t miss.

      Save yourself from this war, this is a terrible war. Everyone’s throwing at the other one
all he has: deadly bombs, guns and everything; they’re doing it, they’re prepared to do it. If
you don’t have a Saviour in this day, it is time to make haste and get one.
Over in Europe, it’s at a boiling point. In America, it is to the point of death. Everything
is pointing at her. “Oh, save America,” you will say. Yes, if America had not destroyed you,
she could be saved, but she has destroyed you. Night and day she’s killing the black man.
Someone must stand up for the black man. I have God on my side to defend you.
Storms, rain, hail, earthquakes, droughts, and plagues of all sorts are going on. I won’t tell
you that I’m doing that. This is what they want to charge me with, but I say, charge it to the
right One, the Powerful One, that’s God Himself, not me. Certainly I am with Him, certainly I
hope that he will rid us of our enemies.

        I have given you a description of what is in the sky. There’s a scientist or two on it that
knows every spot where America has got her dreadful planes, which are scouting around with
bombs that is capable of ripping the Wheel apart, but they can’t get to her. If America’s
bombers are over California, the Scientist on the Wheel just sneaks away into another place.
He has seen it. The white man admitted to me they have seen it, but they can’t get to her.
They are like the Jesus was when he was here. He had the knowledge of tuning in, hearing
what you’re thinking about. If the Jews started in on him, on one side of town, he would go
on the other side, because he heard them in his ears, when they were planning to come near
him. One out of every 180 of the righteous can hear you thinking over here and tell you what
you’re thinking about.

       There was two of that type of people visiting my home. They both look like brothers.
Where ever there is a God raised man or prophet to do a big job, these type of scientist visits
him to assure him of their friendship, that whenever the right time comes, they will be with
him. We will take care of you. These are the type of Scientists that you read of in the Bible
who wanted to go forth and do this and another one do that. These are the ones I’m telling
you about, who visited me at my home. They have orders, by Allah, to do a certain job.
Each one is to do a certain job. Like you read of it in the Bible, that one Scientist went out,
and his job was to send a plague of wind or send a plague of storms or send a plague of fire or
something like that. These are the type of men I’m speaking of. I know them and they know
me, and every one of them has a job to do.

      It’s seven of them. Allah says that the job is not enough of one, but seven of them will
be ordered to do it. And think over it, these are not spooks, they are men. Last of all is that
dreadful angel which places one foot on land and one on sea. That’s the dreadful one, that’s
the 7th one. The book says and Allah affirmed it, he lifted up his right hand and his left hand
to heaven. This is the way Muslims pray. They lift up their hands and they pray like that,
both hands. He said in his words, “Time, time, [as we] know it now will soon know no more.”
He then cuts a shortage into gravity and sets the nation on fire. This cutting a shortage
means cutting a shortage into the atom of the gravity of earth and make the atom over the

earth explode. When they explode, they set all the atmosphere into a flame of fire and there
is no people that can live on the earth, because it all will be in a flame of fire. This is the
way the heavens and the earth will be displayed, as the judgment of the Bible teaches you.
The flame will only go up 12 miles high, but it will most certainly get you who are on the
earth, if you don’t get with Allah.

      Our people have never been taught about Allah. They’ve been taught of God, well in
fact, that’s one of the attributes of Allah: “God,” and Allah is God and He has 99 of such
names. Each one means something of Himself, and of His power and wisdom.
Don’t sleep. This is what the book said happened with the five wise wives and the five
foolish. The foolish went to sleep and judgment was called before they could wake up.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]