by Master Elijah Muhammad


     Anyone coming from out of the country of America sees you acting a little foolish, and
ignorant, they jump on and rob you; yet, they don’t give you anything to relieve you of the
robber that you were born under and brought up in his system.
I’m here to fight any robber. As the Bible teach you of me, and you thought it was the
Jesus of 2,000 years ago, but it’s Elijah. “All before me were thieves and robbers,” this

means leadership. Jesus could not say all those before him were thieves and robbers,
because he would have been classifying the prophets before him to be thieves and robbers.
He could not have mentioned anything like that. But it’s me. I’m the one who is to say that,
in the spirit and knowledge of the prophets that wrote it, not before Jesus. Those were
prophets before him and not thieves and robbers, but thieves and robbers were before me.
Robbing you of all they could.

     Every black leader who came before you was out robbing you, most all of them. They
always looked to see how heavy your pockets were and they set out to rob them. I see how
empty your pockets are and I set out to put something in it.
The time that we are living in now is the judgment of the white folks and America is
number one. God has made the whole world turn against America in order to destroy her. As
Daniel says in the Bible, prophesying of America, under the four beasts. Think over it, four
beast is the name given to the four greatest governments of the white man by the prophets.
He didn’t call them nothing but beasts, and now you want to call them angels while the
prophets call them beasts. That’s about what they are. They have a human look, but their
characteristics are that of a beast. You may not believe me, but the time will prove that I am
teaching you the truth.

     The drawings of the Wheel is found in the first and tenth chapter of Ezekiel. He said he
saw in a vision of a wheel in a wheel. It didn’t come down to the Earth. He said he saw it rise
up from the Earth. I want you to listen to me good. I thought that it would have been best if
I talked about this wheel. Ezekiel said that he saw in a vision of a wheel in a wheel. Now you
see, not only the outer part of the great wheel did he say he saw, but he said he saw a wheel
in a wheel. Where is the other wheel Ezekiel? If Ezekiel saw any vision, he wasn’t seeing
visions of lies. Whenever they have a vision, it’s the truth. He said a wheel in a wheel and
that this wheel rose up from the earth. He didn’t say nothing about where it was made at on
the earth, but he said a wheel rose up from the earth and that it got so high that it looked
dreadful. He said when he looked at it, he said, “Oh wheel oh wheel, wheel, wheel,” so, it
must have been a great thing for Ezekiel to behold. A wheel, he said, got so high that it
looked dreadful. Out of that wheel, he said, he saw something come down from it. He called
them Cherubims. We thought that he was talking about angels, but that was not angels, that
was another plane coming out of this plane.

      This is a plane here that measures, according to what Almighty God taught me, a half
mile by half a mile. That’s a mighty wheel. When it flies over the place where it’s going to
drop bombs out of it, he sends one of the small planes. Then it drops a bomb out of that
plane onto the earth. That bomb that he drops has a bomb inside of it. He has in that bomb
a thing made like an Earth drill, like you see people drilling out here in the streets. He has
that type, but it’s so much more powerful. It comes down from this plane, drops it on the
earth and when it strikes the Earth, a motor goes off in it which takes this bomb into the
earth a mile before she explodes. That bomb have a steel drill that batters and won’t stop
until it drills a mile. At that depth, the explosion goes off. One hundred percent dynamite is
used in it, while the white man is presently using 70 percent on Earth.

      God taught me that they use a 100% type of bomb to drop on the earth from a terrific
height, depending on what height the mountains [coming up from the blast] are to be. If it is
to be a two mile high mountain, they drop a bomb in the Earth to go down two miles into the
depth of the Earth. It then will blew up a mountain two miles high. The wheel does not have
the dreadful bombs. These bombs would only go into the earth one mile he said. They will
blow up a mile high mountain.

       This wheel has 1,500 little planes. It has 1,500 of them on it to drop off on America.
They will go a height over North America and will drop off these bomb. They will save three
of these bombs to drop on England. It will only take just three of them to rip England apart.

      I’m not trying to frighten you to believe, that’s immaterial to me. I’m only telling you what
was told to me by God to tell you, before these things take place.
The plane will make one trip across America and drop her bombs and when she drops
one, she knows the distance of which the explosion will take effect, then three of these
planes will be sent to the British Island to take care of England. Believe in what I’m saying or
wait around a few days.

      This plane will go above the Earth 40 miles to unload those bombs on America. She’ll get
up 40 miles. “Oh, we have jets that fly that,” right! Brother, when this plane unloads her
deadly destruction, you won’t have no planes up there. No, they won’t fly up there with your
jets. They’re going to get rid of your jets on the ground first. “How are they going to do that
Mr. Muhammad?”
They’ll do it like this: First thing they will do is destroy all of America’s airplane bases.
They will also destroy her planes that you see flying at the speed of sound. They will get rid
of them first. How are they going to get rid of them? They’re going to make her and her
enemies get rid of them.

      She has enemies who have the same thing that America has. They will be made to fight
first to rid each other of the other, just about. They will almost kill each other. This is what
they’re being driven to now, to do away with each other. As one scientists said, “America, the
white man, would not be successful using no such high explosions on him, it wouldn’t work.”
They will do them like the Muslims did to the people who lived over there in Turkey. The
Turks almost annihilated them when they thought the last [final] war had started. They all
but annihilated them, but some of them are still around, the Armenians. That’s who they are,
Armenian Christians. They first thought that it was time to get rid of the Christians, so they
went out and slaughtered Armenians like nothing, until they were told it was not time to kill
off white people.

     That’s just what we’re going to do, get rid of all white people who are the devils of black
people. You will see. They will bear me witness, if they were in here. I could make them
bear me witness that the war that is breaking out now, the war of Armageddon, has already
begun. This is to get rid of white folks. You didn’t need to go over to Vietnam to fight, no.
What are you going to fight for? If America wins, you still will be her slave nigger, and she will
have Vietnam besides you? You won’t win.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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