by Master Elijah Muhammad 


      All black people are the brothers of each other. You have been told that all people are
brothers. In the way of being people we are brothers, but we are not all brothers by races
and nations. We have a stranger in our midst and that is the white man. We are not brothers
to the white man. He is a total stranger. He didn’t come from the God that we came from.
He came from a made God, not a created-God. Our God is a created-God and we are created
people, but the white man is a made-man. Yes, he didn’t come here with us. We’ve been
here ever since the Earth was made. We were right there beside our Father Who made you.

     We the black people didn’t come from white people, but white people came from us. We
made the white man and can do it at no limit of time. When it came to us, we were created.
If this were heard and believed among you, this alone would set you free. When he
represents himself to you, he puts it in such way that you don’t make a mistake that he is not
the created man, but he is the made man. He puts himself in his place, but you take yourself
out of place when you follow him and call yourself the same thing that he’s calling himself.

     We have no equal. We’ve been here on the planet earth, according to the teachings of
God to me, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due, every since
light of our created Man appeared in the total darkness. We are not people who came here
just 6,000 years ago. We are people who came here trillions of years ago. The white man is
a made-man from one of our scientists, 6,000 years ago. That’s no time with us. We’ve been
here for trillions of years, and if you try to compare his time to our time to calculate it down
to the number one Man that’s self created, you wouldn’t hardly find a second to give him in
time. Take a trillion years and divide it by 6,000 years, then see what a little time you will
have there; then take 6,000 years and divide it into 6 trillion. He hasn’t been here that long.
Take that same 6,000 years, push it pass the 6 trillion years and move it over to 76 trillion
years and you will hardly be able to find it.

       You may think that Elijah Muhammad doesn’t know what he’s talking about. How could
you have heard of anything like that following a baby that’s only 6,000 years old? How could
he know anything about billions and trillions of years with a man’s voice ringing throughout
that time? How could you hear it just being 6,000 years ago? We don’t care nothing about the
little white man. We don’t care anything about his big talk. We know it’s like a little puppy
running alongside a great big hound. He doesn’t know how old the man is who’s walking
around with a big cane, cracking you across the head. How long has this big shot has been
here? He’s just been here six days to our counting. He’s not been here but a few days. Six
thousand years is nothing to trillions of years.

      Black man remember, you are the Father of Creation. Black man remember, that no
white man can dispute with the one who said it, Elijah. He can’t dispute with me. I’m a God
taught man. I’m a God raised man. I wear this [Sun, Moon & Star] on my head, but we dare
the white man to wear it publically, but once a year. You know why he can’t wear it, but
once a year? Because he had nothing to do with the making of it. The Black man made this
Fez. I mean the Sun, Moon and Star. The white man knows nothing about the creation of
such planets. This is why I want to teach you the Theology of it. Anything in the Universe
and anything on Earth about human beings or life of any kind, I’m here to tell you what Allah
has taught me of it. It’s not what I know, but what Allah has taught me. I don’t think you’ll be
able to make Him out of a liar.

      You know, I’m a pretty tough fellow, especially with these brothers that I’ve been
knowing for over 40 years. I know they don’t want to be called 40 years old, but I’ve been
knowing them for that length of time. My son-in-law, Wali Muhammad, he has my name. You
know when I found him, he had the devils name. He started following me and married my

daughter. I thought I would make her call him after her name, because I didn’t want a son-in-
law in my house called by the devils name.

     In this world, we worship and love to be called by the white man’s names. We love to
look like him. I’m going to see if whether you love to look like him. The white man has been
here for only 6,000 years and he has ruled.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]