by Master Elijah Muhammad


         In the hereafter there will be no doctors, only for such things as bruises and broken
limbs, but not for the physical care of the physical body. There are people over there right
now, I ran into them, who are ashamed to tell you if they feel sick, because they know they
should stay well. Go over there and meet them for yourself. If they are sick, they are
ashamed to tell you, because they made themselves sick. Sickness comes from yourself and
from another man. It is not that God created sickness for you. He didn’t create death for
you. We kill ourselves by not knowing how to live. You can and I can live as long as we want.
You can live as long as you want, if you know how to eat to live.

        The water of our earth is being poisoned by this blue-eyed devil; thereby, cutting your
life short by even drinking the water. He has learned how to poison it. He is the one who
furnishes our drinking water for our lives. He’s fixing us up too. He knows that he’s going. He
knows that the Blackman is going to put that “going” to him. He, therefore, is angry with the
Blackman, seeking to destroy every Blackman on the face of the Earth. Believe me or let it
alone. I don’t care how you think your beautiful snake-eyed and blue-eyed devil looks to you.
He wants to destroy you and is doing everything to destroy you and me; not tomorrow, but
today. Oh, if only you understood. “Well how are you going to escape?” I’m going to follow
my God and do everything He tells me to do!

         Don’t think that they mean any good for you and me, no, no. He comes to me laughing,
“How you do Mr. Muhammad? How you do Mr. Jones?” Shaking his hand. Both of us have
death in our hearts for each other. Yes brother, because the time has arrived. I want to eat,
“For what Mr. Muhammad: to live.

            My beloved brothers and sisters, you are beautiful. Soon after this war regarding the
going out of the world, as the Bible says, we don’t know yet what we will be like, but we
know that we will be like Him. Why? Because He must make us like Him in order to prove His
civilization that He makes. If we don’t look like Him, then He can deny making us and we
could deny being made by Him. We will be made like Him. He told me all about that. That’s
a great long lecture in itself, of what you will look like in the Hereafter. He has given me
that knowledge and how you will be changed in that way. I have all of that in my little old
big head here. You as a child, must know your alphabets first.

          I’m looking for help, I’m looking for the black scientist that knows something about how
to build and how to tear down. I want both a wrecker and a builder. I will teach you how.
As you see, I’m my own ruler. Those that follow me are coming along fine. They soon can go
for themselves. Some of them are already going for themselves. This is what I want to do: I
want you to be yourself and rule yourself. Don’t jump out before you get your diploma, lest
you come running back to me. Wait until I tell you that you can go for self. Don’t try before
you get the diploma or your degree. If you have already gotten a diploma from some part of
this work or on some part of this work, now get your degree.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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