by Master Elijah Muhammad


        As you may hear daily, like I hear, “Oh, we, I”, – that’s our people, concerning the white
people – “We must do this and we must have that. We must have schools. We want this and
we want that.” You’re wasting time; get out. Go out and do something for self. Stop wasting
time sitting around. Stop walking up and down the street begging white people to give you,
the old once-slave, a place with him.

       As you know, these preachers – begging preachers – they don’t beg for a chance to go for
self, they beg for a chance to live with the enemy. He wants to go right back into the slave
house, sit down beside his slave master, and tell his slave master, “Recognize me as one of
you.” You would think that he would want to get as far off from his slave master as the East
is from the West. He sees his slave master killing his black brother all up and down the
street, all up and down the highway, and he’s still begging, “Let me live with you. Accept me
like you would accept yourself.” Of all the history of slavery, he pulls out that he should be
begging the white man. This is awful to see a people treated like you have, by another
people, then go back to that same people, begging them to make you their friends and their

        I get so sick when I hear our people begging for a place with the devil, then I can hardly
sleep anymore that night. That’s the truth. He’s begging his enemy to take his own life, “I
don’t what to live. I want to die with you.” That’s what he’s telling him. “I don’t want none of
Elijah’s teachings. I want to be your friends, not Elijah’s friend, hating white folks.” Poor
foolish man. “I don’t want to go with him. I’m not going anywhere with a God, away from you
Mr. white man.” Oh my brother, if you only could see what I’m looking at, you would wish
that you had not been born on the same Earth that they are born.

       Oh my beautiful sisters, running around laughing in his face. Every time he looks at you,
you want to show him, “Yes sir, I love you.” Why do you love the white man? Because he’s
unalike. You’re not looking at the principle of his nature, in which he’s made. All you are
looking at is the surface of unalike and you’re ready to cast your little black baby into the fire
going along with him. It’s awful.

        This is the great day of separation. We heard that this time was coming every since we
were born. Time for what? Time for the great separation of black and white. The Bible
teaches you that there will come a great separation; wherein, the sheep and the goats will be
divided. The sheep to the right, why to the right? Because in the creation, they were
created right and they should stand to my right, representing the members of the creation as
being righteous. You don’t want to stand there, though. To my left stands a goat. Why do I
call him a goat? Because this man is like the mischief making goat. A goat will go out and
cram the clothes line then eat up your clothes. He will walk on your nice clean rug, then turn
around and chew it up. The God gave him the right name when He said he was like a goat.
The poor little sheep stands over here making no trouble with anyone. Oh brother, it’s
something to think of. I saw a Lamb; not a kid goat, but I saw a Lamb. Think over how He
styles races up.

        Out of the Lamb’s mouth proceeded great words that the enemy couldn’t stand. Then all
the people rose up, blind, deaf, and dumb, to the understanding of the symbolic Lamb. They
thought it was Jesus back there 2,000 years ago. They had not studied the nature of the
Lamb, or why a person is called a sheep. How could Jesus be called a sheep? How could he
be called a Lamb? He was not the first of his people for you to call him a Lamb newly born,
or the world would have been changed in his day and time. Why he’s called a Lamb further in
the Revelation, is because he’s the first that is born to bring about a new civilization, and the
first of that new civilization.

       We say the time has come. All of our lives, we have been running off at the mouth over
the coming of the time, “when the time comes this and that.” How much knowledge do you
know of the time? Why do they refer to the judgment as the time? They are talking about
the judgment of the devil Caucasians. Why then are they saying that the time will end? They
mean judgment. They understand that.
If the white man was made and given dominion over all things that were made by him,
why did God make the man for destruction, knowing when He made him, He intended to
destroy him? Why did He make the devil? To show you and me how much wisdom was locked

up inside of the Black man. The wisdom in Him had never been made clear. So, if God made
a man to kill, why did He make, shaped and formed this man like He himself, in the same
form? That’s why he says that he’s made like unto his God. Mankind, not the man, but
mankind, must be destroyed because of his affects on the man. We must remove from the
man, that which affects man. Mankind is affecting the original man.
Read the devil, blue-eyed, Caucasian’s history from start to finish. He has been an
enemy of the Blackman all the while. He’s poisoned everything that comes to us, and
everything he lays his hands on.

          You’re reading books of how he has destroyed and continues to destroy you. You have
lots of books teaching you today. He’s putting them out himself of how he poisoned the
Blackman in his food, water, and in his medicine. He’s poisoned it. He especially doesn’t
want to leave his black slaves here whom he taught from the cradle. Now, for God to take
that same man, of whom it is written that the devil taught, He will teach him the wisdom of
how to rid the Earth of him [the devil]. This is what you must remember: Bear in mind at all
the times that Jehovah did not drown Pharaoh, He made Moses do the job. Over in the Bible,
Revelations, He did not sound the trumpet Himself, but He made an angel do it. He told the
angel where to go and how to stand. You must remember how to understand the Theology of
God’s teaching; you must understand.


[Excerpt from Theology of Theology lecture series]

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