by Master Elijah Muhammad


         The time, what time? The time of a race of people who were made on time to serve a
certain limit of time. What is time? We know time as a motion. We calculate from one
motion to another motion or from one movable thing to another movable thing.

         The Caucasian race, the white man, was made by one of our Gods who looked into the
germ of the original man. He found in the original man, while in his laboratory, that the
Blackman’s germ had two men in it or [the potential for] two people. He learned from that
knowledge how to separate the two germs. The brown germ could be separated from the
black germ is what he learned. He could deprive one of its life, and make the one he saved
rule that which he deprived of life. That’s what happened 6,000 years ago; wherein you find
it written in the Bible, “Let us make man,” and in the Holy Qur’an, “We made man.” “Let us
make man;” Who were the “us?” The us were Black people, that is who the us were. “Let us
make man and give him dominion over all life, then at the end of 6,000 years, we will remove
them with death and set the original man back as ruler. “Well now, Mr. Muhammad, come on,
we have something we could ask you here.” I am producing an argument, therefore I am
producing the material to refute the argument.

            What is that the fellow said in the book? “He said this Mr. Muhammad,” in the volumes of
the Book he comes. You can’t single out a single book for him. If he comes in the volume of
the Book, then why? He answers himself, “Because they are written of me.” Then He

challenges the reader, “You read the scripture and you think that there is your salvation, but
they only speak of Me.”
I don’t want you to think that I’m boasting, but look at what’s written. Which one is His
first born and first born from what? There’s plenty of men on this Earth, Mister. Who are you
to say that you are the first born? “He’s My first spiritual born from the spiritual dead.” I don’t
want to get rash with you, because you don’t have the argument to come back challenging

           I want you to get away from that Bible, which Satan has poisoned by the touch of his
hands, taking out truth, and adding in lies. He took the truth and made it incomprehensible
to you by putting truth into various forms, making forms for you to understand. In so doing,
he halts your understanding, using symbols you were never able to read and understand the
truth of.

           So, God loved you so well that He took one of you off aside, opened the Book [Bible]
and said, “Son, read it. I will analyze it.” For three years and three nights and a half, I would
just sit beside Him. For three years and a half, He was teaching me, night and day, that
which had been hidden from us for 6,000 years. It was so poisonous, that it just absolutely
put us to sleep for the last 400 years. I thank Allah sending me, and He’s backing me up to
bring the enemy to his doom.

          You are looking for God to come; what God? You don’t know and never was taught to
know. You were taught, He…He…He…. “Where is He?” You looked up in the sky asking is He
up there? You can’t single out “He” up there. Does the Bible teach you and me to wait for
“He” to come out of the sky? He said the Son of Man would come. Man is on Earth, He and His
Son. You can’t look in the sky for God and His Son to come jumping out of the sky. That’s
what the devil is up there looking for now, but he will never find Him. The parable is given of
the water that was gushing up out of the Earth at the heel of Ishmael, while his mother was
running all over the hills looking for water. There was an overflowing spring at the heel of
her son. Yes I feel like going ahead, I don’t feel like staying behind at no junction.
I would like to make you acquainted with Almighty God so that you will know Him as I
know Him, and know he whom He has raised in your midst, out of nothing, to bring you into

             As the Holy Quran teaches you, that suppose Allah shuts the Messengers mouth, then he
doesn’t warn them. He knows that I’m so over anxious to tell you what He has told me, and if
He didn’t shut my mouth every now and then, I certainly would keep it open.
I want to tell you what God has told me. The secret is for me to tell, after God tells me
in my ear. I jump up on the house top and tell it to you. He told me, “Brother, when I tell
you, you can get up on top of the house and yell out your wisdom.” However, I’m so anxious
to tell you, that He has to pull my coat.

            Tell them that their time is up, the time shall be no more. God gave him extra time;
nevertheless, the time that was set for the white race is now up.
Each Nation is constantly telling you about their disagreements with each other. I’m not
going into the politics of the nation, because I have declared to him that I will have nothing
to do with his politics. I was not raised up to be a political man and do that kind of service.
I’m not going to take part in it as long as his lives, for he’s got a corrupted political world. Let
us hold our position and watch him die, then we can build one to live forever. Let him die
the natural death of an enemy.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]