by Master Elijah Muhammad 


       We have been teaching on the subject of the Theology of Time, the Secret of Time. We
have a lot of work to do. We’re going to do all we possibly can to get over to you all that we
can, so you will have some knowledge of us and our presence in the world. In fact, this is
what we are here for, to get over to you an acquaintance which God has sent to you through
me. We want to get acquainted so fast until we are nervous. Our acquaintance means much.

       For a long time, 40 years, I have been among you sounding this kind of trumpet. There
was an end to Noah sounding his trumpet in his day and time. There was an end to Abraham
and Lot sounding their trumpet in Sodom and Gomorrah at that time. Also there came an end
to Moses and Aaron sounding their trumpet to Pharaoh and his people. These kind of
trumpets are the mouths of men and the words proceeding from their mouths. These are the
first trumpets that sounded an easy sound, because they’re coming from man’s mouth. The
other trumpet is not heard directly from the mouth. It passes through some mechanical
instrument. That’s the kind of trumpet I’m warning you to be aware of. They are linking it up

        Don’t forget that you are in the time that has been kept hidden from you by the enemy
of the time. Why is this time a secret from you? Because they don’t want you to know the
end of their time. They know that you will be happy to meet your God and serve Him,
because they are not the God that loves you, and want to serve you with freedom, justice and
equality. Therefore, they keep it hidden. Allah has raised me up from among you to open my
mouth and tell you these things without fail.

         The Bible, a book of books, has warnings in it. If understood, you also would know the
time. It’s given there in the Bible, but the enemy knowing it’s referring to him and his time,
translated it in such way that you would never know it. You would be just like the people of
Noah, Lot and Pharaoh. That is why God has to take one of the dead and give him life first,
so that he can go around to the doors of the other sleeping dead and rain truth on them,
telling them to come on. In this knocking on the door of the mental sleeper, he wakes them
up to join on to his own kind who are already awakened.

        The enemy is shaking them to sleep as fast as the awakener is waking them. The enemy,
blue-eyed Caucasian race, have had the right to keep us asleep for 6,000 years. Now he
admits to me that he knows that this time is meant for us to rise. He said to me in
Washington in 1942, “Elijah, we knew this was coming for a long time, but if you had started
preaching 20 years ago you would have been shot outright.”

        I, like a little old boy, standing before Washington and getting such answers regarding
you, followed by the Bible’s and Holy Qur’an’s teaching, that they’ve killed all the prophets. A
prophet of righteousness and justice had no place among the white race before today. They
have tried to kill me, as you know, many times. Many of you know that. They’re still trying
to do so, through you. He’s afraid himself, but he thinks you’re foolish and that if he tells

you, “Go down there and kill Elijah,” you certainly will make an attempt. You’re just that
silly. You have never loved yourself; therefore, you could not be expected to love me
enough, not to attempt taking my life, just because the devil told you to do so. Here I stand,
and you nor he can put that small time stuff over on me. We don’t search you at the door
thinking that your gun will go off and kill me. We just do it to let you know the science of the
time; wherein, the weapons of the devil will not be used. No more will the devils weapons be
used to kill the righteous of God. This is your last brother, your last door, to go out of this
door. I’m not here to show off, I’m here to show you something, but not to show off.

        Their secret of the time has been kept from the black man of America so long, that he
himself don’t believe in time. We, the first to rise from among the sleeping dead to instruct
you, teach you the knowledge of the day and time in which you’re living. This is your day and
my day. The white man doesn’t have nothing in this day but death. We can be proud if we
want to just because we may have a few dollars, which is dying a natural death.

      The stock market tells you what your money’s doing, it’s dying. I begged you in 1970 to
loan me your money and that I would pay you ten cent on the dollar, but you think your great
god, the devil, has plenty of money and, “I will give it to him and let him pay me interest on
it.” Pretty soon, he won’t be getting any himself, nor you. There will come a time, I want
you to remember that I’m not dumb to it, that he will come out making you to believe that he
has a great future. God will fool him like that, to get you like He did all the other great
strong people that He destroyed. He gave them a little break before their actual death.

        He made them think that they were going to live a long time. But after that little
deceptive break of enjoying happiness in their way of life, death came to them right in the
midst of it while they played, while they married, while they were hating the Messenger that
was among them. All of a sudden the call came.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]