by Master Elijah Muhammad


       I know where we came from. We came from an enemy. Think over the time of slavery.
The enemy made his own preachers and then had them to preach what he tells them to
preach. He’s still like that. Remember Reverend, I’m not after you, I’m just trying to teach
you the Theology of time. At the present time, you see that he will back up any Reverend if
that Reverend continues to believe what he tells him to teach. He will give him money to
teach his Christianity.

      Reverend, let us look at when Christianity began. Did not God create Adam, as the Bible
says? If God did not give Adam the true religion, what does He look like then saying to you
and I that, “Here it is, now since Adam died I raised up Jesus.” We have to remember, if Jesus
has brought to us that true religion; yet, Adam didn’t have it, what are we going to say to
Jesus If Muhammad in the 7th century, after Jesus, brought out another religion which is
sweeping the Earth and have more followers than Jesus. What shall we say? If God needed a
prophet in the day and time of Jesus to tell the world that they didn’t have the right religion,
and here He is to giving you the right religion, what did He say? Did he say that He came to
give the right religion or to preach the religion of Moses, or Abraham? He said, “I came not to
destroy the law of the prophets but to fulfill.”

       I got my promise from God, the God Who was to come and has come. I’m not saying that
you believe in a man being a God; maybe you don’t. I’m not going to argue with you. If you
don’t believe man is God, I don’t want to argue with you, just show me that which you believe

        Lots of people out there in the street criticize us saying that in the schools of Islam, you
can’t learn anything there, because the head of it is not a graduate of any school. They do
that to keep you from coming here.
I want you to remember that there isn’t a prophet in the Bible nor Holy Qur’an who was a
graduate of the people he was warning. Not one. If you can find me a prophet in the Bible
who was a graduate from some university of the land, I will pay you ten thousand dollars for
lying. The Bible says that Moses was highly educated, brought up in the house of Pharaoh.
That particular Moses, we don’t find in the Bible where he was educated under Pharaoh’s
school in any degree. We find that Moses, whom they say was well educated, was educated
out away from Pharaoh. When Allah called him to go to Pharaoh, he was not in Egypt. It was
out of Egypt where he was taught. We talk a little too much on that which we know very
little about.

       Moses was educated, but he did not boast of his education to Pharaoh. If he had, he
would have been talking to Pharaoh in his own language. But he didn’t do that. The
argument they had between each other was about his non-expert language. Pharaoh didn’t
argue with him about giving him an education, but he condemned Moses for not having an
education capable of talking with him.

      We want to be right in these things. Some of these places where you find Pharaoh and
Moses exchanging arguments, takes place in this time, not in their time. I won’t go too far
with it, because we don’t have much more time.

Question: You mentioned that the ten thousand (10,000) angels were here in this
country, and I wanted to ask, would they be from among the dead?

Messenger: Yes brother, yes they are here, they are not to be pointed out to people who
will point them out like in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction, there was the angel
there with Lot that was going to do the job, but they couldn’t tell the people before the day
that they was going to do it, then the people would have tried to kill them before.
The same way it is today, you can’t point out the destroyers of the world to no one, do,
you are pointing them out to the enemy to take attack on them at once because they are
human beings like you and I, and we can be killed, and if we have power to keep you from
killing us, well then, we may bring about the total thing before time that the others get right
and get ready to go out.
These things is used by, brother, by wise people and not by people who just would like
to tempt God or tempt His Messenger for just yourself, you got millions of people in America
and they may all not be ready, and God wants to save us all, not to do something just to
please someone who would like to tempt God, you can’t tempt God brother, this is dangerous
to try, and to satisfy one person and his desire, you can’t do that we have millions here to
please, or rather to try to save and we hope they’ll be pleased with our safety.

Question: Mr. Elijah Muhammad, about two years ago I had a cousin that joined with
the Muslims and she was a Orthodox Muslim, and she was one of three wives to her husband,
and I can’t understand why the two are so diverse and why aren’t they just a whole?

Messenger: I’m not up here to go over the laws of the Islamic world with you if you read
these things, you read them. So I’m not up here to condemn nor take away anything, only to
teach you which Allah have give to me to teach you.
If there’s any more of this kind of talk, we’re dismissing, because eighteen hundred to
two thousand people could talk on the Orthodox Muslim rules of Islam while they don’t know it
themselves, but you have to come to school for such. You have to be schooled into that, not
come and ask questions because your question demands more than just a word or two.
It demands a lot of answers to your questions and that the people that is not interested
in what you are asking will not like me to keep them in here listening to what you have to say
and question until night. It’s getting late and the people would like to go home, and that I
don’t care to get involved in a lots of Orthodox Muslims rules, regulations, and laws of Islam.
We are bringing to you a new Islam. As I tell white people, they ask me sometimes, they say,
well, they say those over there, they don’t believe in your teaching. I say, that’s natural, I say
because this is something new which they never have heard before. I said it takes time, I said
but nevertheless we have the key to the whole world of man whether you believe it or not. I
have the key, and it’s written in your book, that I have it, and God give him the key.

Question: Mr. Muhammad I would like to know why was Yakub allowed to rule for six
thousand years?

Messenger: There was no God in his time that could prevent him, and it was necessary
for us to learn from one that was in us, in our midst, what he had that could rule others for
six thousand years from 9,000 to 15,000.

Question: Can you tell me why is the white man going into outer space and how far will
he get?

Messenger: Going up in space. It is to fulfill the scripture that thou may ascend up to
heaven, above the clouds, but yet I will bring you down to hell.

Question: Mr. Muhammad, I’m a old time Detroiter, and I remember a long time ago
there used to be a Temple on Theodore and Hastings street way back in the twenties, I
wanted to know is it the same set up or has it changed since them.

Messenger: We haven’t changed Islam, we go into more knowledge of it but we don’t
change it.

Question: Have you heard anything to the effect that government officials are trying to
put pressure on the Black Muslims similar to the pressure that was put on other Black
organizations in the past?

Messenger: I have been doing this work for forty years. I have known many groups to
rise up since that time and carry into practice what you have in mind. But actually our
people in L.A. and New York or any other place, here in Chicago, they have been mistreated
right along. They go to prison and the federal penitentiary, as they call it institutions. But,
that is all given to us. The trial of the Black Muslims in America must come to pass. We must
be tried.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]