by Master Elijah Muhammad


     My father was a preacher. When I got old enough I use to sit on the speaker’s stand with
him and everybody would try hurrying to get me on the speaker’s stand. Those days are much
different from these days. My father was poor and he never could buy me a good suit of
clothes and I would sit up there, about two or three years old, with a little dress on. They
put little dresses on us.

      I use to hear my father preach in the South. He was a preacher of the Baptist church
and use to preach about that fire, hell fire. He would teach it so frightening until I, being his
son, would be trembling sometime, thinking, “I wonder will I live to get to heaven before that
ever comes?” I was lucky, I didn’t have to go to heaven, heaven came to me!

      Our subject is the Theology of Time. We are still working on Time. We want to take
hold of the real root of Time. This has been our subject for many years. It is what we’ve
been looking for. What you’ve been looking for is the time of judgment. If you’ve been
looking for the time of judgment, this is just what we are preaching – the time.
We must remember, as the Holy Qur’an teach us, we just cannot be so proud that we can
reach the height of a mountain or a hill. Since we cannot even reach the height of trees and
hills and mountains, why should we be so proud when these things are higher than we are. So,

if we cannot reach the height of mountains, hills and even some of our animals that are
walking around by us are much taller than we are, why should we feel proud? I think that we
should relax, take a seat and sit down, then look and see around us all the things which are
really higher than we are.

      We cannot step through the earth, not by any means. The earth is approximately 8,000
miles in diameter, through it. Our legs don’t measure that. I’m only asking you to not be
proud. We can’t reach the top of the mountains and we can’t step through the Earth, so why
shouldn’t we be on the level on the earth? This is what has ruined the black man in North
America, he’s taking steps after his slave master, wanting to be proud and act like a big boy.
You cannot be a big boy, you were with him. He has the world and you have nothing.
We have men of all types and these men want to know if whether or not we have
something above what they have or something equal, on which we can listen to each other.
We don’t believe in criticism, because we all came from slave-parents. If we want to criticize
each other, we have to go back and get a hold of the devil slave-master and see how many of
us did he raise higher than the other.

         I love common language, I love to be equal with you. I don’t like raising myself above
you just because I believe I know more than you – no. We don’t do that. I may have insulted
you when I said what I said, but I am a man taught by God, lived with God for three years
and a half and He taught me His wisdom. I know you didn’t hear all of this as I did. I know
you did not see all of this which took place forty years ago, of which I’m teaching you about
today. I want to let you know that I am not proud over you, in the way that we say the
enemies’ proudness comes to us. I’m not that kind of man. I’m a little old man that just loves
to talk with you and loves to see you in a better condition than you’re in. I love to make you
acquainted with my God and your God with you. This is the kind of little fellow you see
standing here. He doesn’t like showing off by any means.

         If I have to hurt your feelings, I will try to rub the soar down somewhere in what I say,
but if I hurt your feelings, I’m hurting them for the better. Sometimes the doctor has to hurt
before he can heal. So this may come to us in our talk or discussion, since we have preachers

        Who do we say sent preachers out to preach? According to the readings of the book
[Bible], God never sent an army of preachers out. The English language uses the word
“preach. This is alright for us because we understand it. We don’t intend to make fun;
however, we want preaching from the right source to send to the people, so they will be
taught what is about to come to pass. They are sent from God and He has never sent a whole
group of them. He made the responsibility to lay on one man.

       He sent Jonah to Nineveh, according to the history of Jonah in the Bible, to call upon the
Ninevites to warn them that in just forty days and forty nights Nineveh would be overthrown.
Why does he specify the forty days and forty nights? We want to find out why did He give
them that length of time. Because forty days and forty nights are used in the end of the
world. To compare his preaching with the end of the world, and the sermon of the man there
in that time. He should have that number to give us a picture of what the end of the world’s
figure will look like. Jesus fasted for forty days in the wilderness. What wilderness did Jesus
fast in?

         We must clean up as we go. This is the way scholars and scientists get after you.
Everything you say, they chase you on it. I’ve been chased by scientists, scholars, and are still
being chased, but not much now, because they’re starting to see me as being part of
something new. I just want to teach you the science. I’m just grieved over that. I want to
teach you the science which you should know. I want you to learn about the presence of God
and the presence of His Messenger. I want you to learn them, then you can battle if you want.

         There’s no Messenger of God that comes to bully the people that he’s sent to teach. He lets
them do that, but he’s not to mock and bully them, no.
We have thousands of preachers of Christianity in the country of America. You can’t find
in the Bible where God ever sent a thousand people. The preacher may have to go there and
get a thousand, but he never sends a thousand to the people. I’m not making fun, but I only
want you to understand. If there had been sent, with me, a thousand more Elijah
Muhammads, you would have seen me bowing out of that group, because I don’t think God
was so weak that He would have to send in a thousand. I just want to tell you the truth. I
want to give you the Theology side of the truth. This is what I’m here for.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]