by Master Elijah Muhammad


     The revelation of the end of the world and what’s said of the destruction of the people is
here now and they’ll get it in such a way as a surprise. As the Holy Qur’an refers to it, “Even
the Earth will act like a revelation has been received by her.” All of these things is to make
known to this world that they are not the God over the other world. This is what these things
are coming to mean.

     Try and get out of the name of the white man as fast as you can. God said that the
devil’s names will be destroyed with him. God will give you and me a name that will live
forever. Muhammad, that name will be here a billion years to come. We have names, as He
taught me, some of them are great long names, which are three or four inches long, but He
said we didn’t need all that name. The names He gives to us are much shorter than the old
names that our people use to go in. This is where, I think, Jews got some of their long
names. We also have some long names in the Bible.

      God and I love you so much that He sent me to tell you that which is to make Gods out of
you. You say, “I know I will never be a God;” Yes, you already are a God.
I almost tremble when I see you out there fighting the devil and then go tell the devil to
heal you. I wants a place where your own people can work on you. If you will just follow me
and give what you can, we will soon have these things. In fact, if we have a million people
here in Chicago only give us a dollar a piece, we would have a million dollars every week,
then we could build what we want without begging people for it. If only we’d give half that
much, we soon will have the South Side owned by black people.

      Elijah don’t want nothing personally. He wants something that he can divide. The only
thing I want personally is my wife.

      My friends, there is a lot of trouble on its way to America and I don’t want you to be the
looser. America, her friends are going away from her and have become enemies. They all
are looking towards America with murder. “Let’s go and take her.” Just like the Bible
teaches you there in Ezekiel; “Let us go up and rise up and take hold of her, take her at noon
day, anytime that she’s not expecting us. This is what they’re talking about. You thought
Pearl Harbor was terrible. Pearl Harbor would be like a gang of boys playing, compared to
what they’ve fixed up to come against America. This is dreadful to talk about, especially
when you know it like I do. I know what the God plans to do to America. I know that, but I
can’t tell you all of these things lest you go and talk too much.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]