by Master Elijah Muhammad


        In the Bible, you have a prophesy of a wheel in a wheel, in the book Ezekiel. This
represents Ezekiel’s wheel you’ve read about in the Bible. They actually have it up there. It’s
up there now and the devil knows it’s up there. This is why he is continuing to go up there
and make planes that can fly so swift, that if he could discover it in the skies, he would be
able to shoot a rocket at it before they would know. He’s making planes to search the space
with the highest speed known to his scientists. And this wheel in a wheel that Ezekiel
prophesied of, goes so high up in the air that it looked dreadful.

       This wheel is up in the air now. This is what they are now trying to locate from the
moon, that is, if they could get a good stationary place on the moon and watch for this plane.
It will drop its bombs on the earth. It’s height would be about 20 miles above the earth when
they drop it. They will not get to far out of the atmosphere, because they want to use the
atmosphere to help guide his bombs. When it strikes the earth, it will start drilling right into
the earth, because it’s timed. It has a little motor on the bomb, so when it strikes the earth,
that motor automatically goes off and takes that bomb one mile into the earth before it ever
explodes. The explosion sends up a mountain one mile high. That’s a powerful bomb.

       Allah taught me that, that’s the same type of bomb that God used to make mountains on
the earth; it’s the same thing. It goes into the earth with a very powerful steel motor like an
air hammer. The bomb digs out nothing, it just sucks itself right into the earth like an air
hammer. It chisels down into the earth. Yet, it’s timed not to explode until it gets a mile
into the earth. In this bomb is the type of dynamite that they use to bring up the mountains
like Mount Everest, mountain range, using very powerful dynamite. It’s more powerful than
America’s using. America uses 30 % dynamite, and these people have their bombs equipped
with 100% dynamite today to blast just a few mountains across the continent of North

America. These mountains coming up out of the Earth, from the blasting of the bombs, will
kill people for 50 miles around from the crater and push up a mountain on each side. This
will go into action when America start using her high explosives by dropping them from the
air. This thing will come out and get her.

      This plane carries 1,500 of these small bombing planes. Each one of the bombing planes
carries three bombs, and will take these bombs over a designated area, dropping them for
covering and destroying 150 miles where they’re dropped. I want you to try and understand
this. I want you to be looking out for it any day. I have seen that plane. It’s a powerful
plane. It can dart in the sky just like what’s called flying saucers. The plane measures one
mile right through it. Allah showed me the plane. If you find me lying on what I tell you of
what He said, I’ll give you $10,000 dollars out of my brother’s vest pocket. If he doesn’t
happen to have it, I’ll ask him to loan it to me and I’ll pay you back.

      I saw this plane. This plane can move about in space so wisely; whereas, their way of
trying to shoot them out the of sky will never catch them, because there are four or five
scientists on this plane. The Plane is a 1/2 a mile by a 1/2 mile. Those in this plane you may
see look like us here. It can dart out of your eyesight so fast, until it looks like nothing was
there. You will see this plane one day, because it has a civilization on it. They stay up there
a year and sometimes a year and a half in that plane. It’s a wonderful thing. Dreadful looking
plane. I’m not trying to deceive you. I’m trying to show you what you’re going to see pretty
soon. I stopped drawing this plane for years, but now, I think I should go back to it, because
they seem to be up there fixing it up to come near the earth.

     When America thinks that she’s going after this plane – she admits she saw it – those
scientists on the plane go to rush in and change America so that she can’t come forward to the
plane, then she can’t shoot it.
Write in the paper if you want and tell the devil what I’m telling you. See if he’ll try and
deny it. They know it’s out there. I sat down and I talked with them years ago about it. They
asked me questions. They have the drawing on a blackboard that they’d taken from us when
they arrested us and I had drawn the plane and written explanations on the blackboard, and
they took it to the F.B.I. office. They have it there today. They know this to be true and
they admit to me that it is true. But I say to you brothers and sisters, on the Day when that
Plane is seen in the sky over America, make haste and run to some place. They’ll be two
scientists on every two blocks, and they’ll be guiding you, telling you where to go.

      Everything has been prepared while we were sleeping, to save us. That’s a terrible thing
though. There’re little dots that you see in the circle of the plane represents motors, great
giant motors to carry this plane. That plane is like Jesus was.

      Jesus was a scientist and he could tune in on you and I and tell what we are thinking. He
could tell if whether the Jews would be planning to come to him. He’d tuned up on them and
listen to them. If they said they’d go this way, he’d go that way. That’s why they never could
catch him. He knew what the Jews were thinking about and knew what they were planning.
Now they have one out of every 100 over there who could tune in on us over here, and tell us
what we’re thinking. Think over that. We’re a pretty smart people. You could do it yourself
if you would take time, clear your mind and then go get into someplace where no one is
around you, concentrate on nothing but that wheel or that brother, after a while, you’ll hear
what that brother is saying yourself, and maybe you’ll hear the motors going in the wheel.

      It is not that we’re such people that we have to wait to see everything happen before we
know what’s going to happen. We would not be Gods if we did not know what was going on
around us among other than God. There is nothing strange about a few scientists. one or two
may be in here, but you’d never known it. He’d bear me witness quickly. Yes, that this is
true. Ezekiel looked up at it and said, “Oh wheel, oh wheel.” The wheel was so powerful to
the man’s imagination that he cried out, “Oh wheel.” Seeing that dreadful thing up in the sky

and so far in the sky, he said it looked dreadful. These things are going into action now
pretty soon. The time is up for them to go into action.

      You and I being brothers, with me walking around you day and night with the knowledge
of these things and don’t tell you, you will hold me responsible saying, “Why didn’t you tell
me?” I’d say, “Well, you wouldn’t have believed me no way” “Well why didn’t you tell me
anyway, let us disbelieve, that wouldn’t have been your fault.” And actually, you would be
right. So I’m not going to let you come tell me that. I’m going to tell you these things now.

     There is two certain places on our earth that I’m bound to tell you about, but I was not
told to tell you. Since the time is here just about to drop that bomb from that plane to
destroy our enemies, I’m going to soon tell you. There are two places on our planet that have
been made for the purpose of hiding people and they can stay there a long, long old time and
you will never know they are there. It is not so secret that I shouldn’t tell you, but I’m not
going to say so this evening, because I’m going home. I will think over it and ask Allah if I
should say these things, and if I should reveal to them what He has revealed to me.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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