by Master Elijah Muhammad


      If you will be patient…. Not like Moses was, while with the man he went in search of
knowledge with. The wise man told him he would not be able to go along with him. So, they
went traveling down towards the junction of the Nile, and Moses could not go along or agree
with him on anything without asking, “Why are you doing that…”, until finally, he got to the
junction and he explained to Moses why he did that. Moses learned from his guide that he
was the best guide, had he just kept his mouth shut in trying to teach the guide, instead of
the guide teaching him. Since we are traveling on Yakub’s history, we think it’s good to take
along a little something every now and then to show you the destruction of his history and his
people. It’s pretty sad, that a father, after producing his son, looks at his son and tells him
the end of himself. It’s pretty sad to do that.

     Since America has invented many dangerous and destructive works to destroy the
original Blackman from the face of the earth, God has already prepared a destructive
weapon for him. This is something that you have read about, but you didn’t know what it
was. The Bible is a very good book to study, if you understand it. But when you don’t
understand it, Allah doesn’t let you stay into the darkness of ignorance, to the truth that is in
it. He raised up a man in that people and gave him the knowledge of that which they don’t
have the knowledge of. You are lucky. This is the Man that loves you so much that He raised
up one of you, myself, to teach you that which have been prophesied by prophets, the
understanding of it, while you may just be guessing at it.
I’m far from being the man that just wants to teach something to be seen and heard.
The work is too hard to show off with it.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]