by Master Elijah Muhammad


       My subject is “Theology of Time.” So many people think we are fools, because they don’t
believe in Islam, and that is due to them not having the knowledge of what Islam is. Islam is
not only your religion and my religion, but Islam is and should be respected as the religion of
everybody because of what it means. When you laugh at Islam you are laughing at the
creation of the wisdom of God. So please, do not laugh at God’s wisdom when you are trying
to survive by it, don’t do that. He’s ready to strike out of His universe everyone who doesn’t
like it. As long as Satan was ruling, He let you pass up. As the Bible teaches you, He would
wink at ignorance once upon a time , but now He calls it actual facts. We must give account

of that which we know and that which we don’t know. That which we don’t know, we have to
give account of our actions against that.

        If we see “1” emerge out of all of this darkness, what force or power in the darkness
brought it out? One could not have come out of darkness unless force was in the darkness to
bring it out. In the universe, there is a force that moves seemingly unmovable stars. After so
long and so long, the star which we see at one point has moved over to another point. If that
star moved over to another point within 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years or 1,000 years, force
made it move. It could not have moved alone. This teaches you to go back and get your
scientists and I will contend with him and he will contend with me, that the force of the
actual space seemingly looks as though nothing is moving; but it brings out objects to us that
are hidden in it, to our view.

      We don’t wind up the universe and tell it to bring Jupiter over to us. Jupiter moves by a
force that’s already out there. Again, we don’t say to a star that is probably 100 trillion years
back out there, to come out and show us itself. There’s already a force that’s out there which
is going to bring it into our view. We have these things in space by view.

      This “1” was already here in the darkness, but nothing did not give It to us until the time
brought It about, then when the time brought It about, It merged out there into our view as a
Revolving light. It was a light revolving that was hidden there in the dark. We don’t know
how many trillions of years It was there, but It was there. Having made Itself out of an atom
of water that was found in the darkness of the universe, we could not see light emerging out
of the space without water, because we can’t produce life without water; therefore, it was
water out there in that darkened world of space. This space had produced life, but how long
was that life out there before it produced us a form? You calculate on how long life takes to
make one atom. This is the way it’s understood. You and I being dead over here in North
America for so many years, so many thousands, that we can’t calculate the actual time. It is
only by the instruments that we have now that we can calculate time from, then we say that
we estimate so long and so long. Do you understanding?

     If you want to ask questions, I’m fixing it up so you can ask, but remember, in your
asking questions, they must be intelligent questions, not foolish questions. We don’t have
that kind of time to waste.

    If One emerged out of this blackened darkness and put the black darkness moving with
instruments that the black darkness can count itself in the clear of calculating on time. This
is a wise God brothers, don’t play with it. So just imagine that we are this darkness here, we
are looking at it in space and here is One Who came out of space, or out of that black
darkness, how did He produce Himself to talk, walk, preaching things?

      What is earth made out of? The earth is a ball of what looks like finely ground stone.
Then it has great stones supporting those little fine stone. What did God mean, other than
His people, when He said, “Can you count the grains of sand on the sea shores Abraham?” The
number of his people could not be counted, but why did He point out the sand on the sea
shore? It was not just because Abraham could not count the sand, but Abraham must learn
who’s gigantic mill grinded that sand; somebody put them down there. They’re beautiful, and
someone made them. He could have asked Abraham, after he had known the grains of sand
were down there, who made them like that? But, Abraham was far from being that kind of
mathematician being able to calculate on how many grains of sand had been made down
there on the sea shore.

     We are dealing with a figure which will lead us into unimaginable figures, “1” and a “6.”
These two figures are the outstanding figures that we have. One of them represents the God
that created the heavens and the earth, and the other one represents the same – the “6.”
“How is that done now Mr. smarty?” Maybe you would say. He didn’t stop going. He goes into

the scientific knowledge of “6,” and when He got into the number “6” He still had us full. We
didn’t know how to overtake Him, because this was the “6.” The “6” came 6 trillion years after
this, and we can’t even hardly count into 6,000 years. Now we say that we have 6 trillion
years from the year one. You have this “1” and this “6” here dealing with the beginning of
creation and since we are working in the judgment time, we must cover a lot to get you into
the knowledge of the time.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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