by Master Elijah Muhammad


          You have been told the meaning of the American flag, her stripes, stars and blue
background under her stars, which you think represents the sky. Oh, no. The flag over to the
right with her red background, star and moon…. “What does that mean Muhammad?” They’re

up over your head day and night, you should know what they mean, with that I, F, J, E on it.
There are no letters around the American flag, but we know what these stripes and stars

      If I told you that I don’t want that Sun, Moon & Star flag, and would rather have the Stars
& Stripes, I would be making a fool of myself, because you could easily tell if whether I liked
it or not; for I’m already living under the Sun, Moon & Stars. You worship them. One would
have to be a fool who doesn’t worship the sun moon and star. If he turned it down, then he’s
telling other than the truth. He loves that flag. He looks for the Sun to rise every morning
and if a night passes him by and he can’t see a Star nor a Moon, he would go crazy.
They can take, shoot up, and tear up the Stars and Stripes, representing America’s flag
anytime, because he’s going to live under that Sun, Moon & Star. No one can tear that up,
but the Gods.

     This is how it started six trillion years from the beginning. We now have in time such
figures as “6,7,8,9.” The “0” counts for nothing until something is put there with it to make it
something. In all of your figuring up to “9,” there is nothing to put with that [zero] unless you
take one of these figures between “9” and “0” and put it beside “0.” If you put a figure on
either side then you make something out of it, right? You can put it on this side [left] and it
counts for “10” and you can put it on that side [right] it counts for one tenth (1/10), right? I’m
not making fun. I’m only trying to bring you into the reality to self. I’m not making fun. If I
am a man who would make mockery of you, God would not have chosen me.

      We have “1” beside nothing, which made this nothing become “10” fold. If we put it on
this side [right] we still don’t have much. There’s a fraction on this side, and on that side
[left] is a whole number. Allah came, and He came on this side[ left]. We were inferior –
nothing; so, He came and got behind us. Do you understand? By His number “1” self getting
behind nothing, it made nothing “10” fold more valuable. If we say that we are in this figure
“9,” we then got up to “9” going forward, not backing up. I’m only just trying to show you
where we were.

     If our Father was made on the number “1,” how did He get that figure, if there had not
been any more on the earth or in the universe in His creation? How did He become “1”? We
only want to build up ourselves so that we may know who we are and how we got to be who
we are.

      If the atom was “1,” could it have really been “1”? We are taught that an atom is
“1/10,000” of “1,” this is one ten thousandth of “1” – certain parts of it or elements as they call
it. Then how did our Father get up all those other parts to become one part? I’m only driving
at points. I’m not saying to you that I’m trying to be a God over you, I’m just trying to be that
which He made me.

     If what we call today a “Universe,” was just darkness of space before life was created in
it, what was in that particular space that could produce life? We scholars and scientists
attack each other, that’s what makes us know more, we attack each other. Then, if you can’t
answer what you attack with – truth – okay, then something is wrong. We go back again after
you and ask you, then what did we mean when we said space? How could there have been


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]