by Master Elijah Muhammad


       Jesus, according to the Bible, never did have many people. The Saviour told me that he
never had over 30 at one time. So, all of those thousands of people that you read of, that he
was feeding, I didn’t get that from our Saviour’s mouth, so I figured it must be me. I am
blessed with more people to listen to me than the devil himself. We know the devil always
carries the people, but if I keep on being increased by Allah, you’ll see us in the soldiers field
[Chicago arena] pretty soon. We visited New York once, and got into the biggest arena they

would let us have at that time. We intend to visit New York again. We had, like Jesus, that
small Calvary hill; whereas, we would have had to send over someplace else for another hill.
It’s near the 4th of July and a lot of people are getting off from work to have a big day.
It’s alright for us to have that big day too. They’ve been having a big day. What do we would
like having a little big day for ourselves.

     As the Lord said to Abraham, “Take a look Abraham, see whether or not you can count
the sand down there on the sea shore. Look up Abraham and see if you can count the stars
above your head.” He couldn’t count either the number nor place. He said, “Abraham, that’s
the way thy seed shall be.” You can’t count them, so you know what you’re looking like to
me. I had to stand here a long time trying to count you.

      Oh yes, I must say this, that my wife, I checked up with her before I left home and she’s
doing much better. The doctor brought me her x-rays, we went over them, not this morning,
but last evening and according to the way the first ones looked to me, I think she’s doing fine.
We talked with each other this morning, and I know her voice was sounding good. I told her
that Allah, He’s a mighty fine doctor.

      One thing I think about every time I come out here, how we were laughed at when
holding meetings in some of the worst places in the city. I don’t care how much we would
beg our brothers, they looked at us and laughed. Just think over that. They would look at us
and laugh and scornfully laugh; as good as to say, “What do I look like helping you. I don’t
want to help you. I want to help destroy what you are teaching.” Today, all of a sudden,
Allah pushed us right up. Now, we have the finest Temple of any black group in the country.
There’s no black group that has a finer Temple or Church than we have.

       Those of you who are friends of the devil, that’s right, I said it right, I’m telling you, “All
white people is devils,” on this board over here. You may think some are good. Some are
better than others, but that doesn’t remove the very nature of him. He’s still a devil. There
are little, small snakes that are very dangerous and there are little, small snakes that are not
dangerous, but it’s not the snake’s fault. Nature just didn’t make him that dangerous, but you
can see in his little eyes and his actions that he wish he was a bad snake.

     I’m trying to teach you the knowledge of that snake. Do not trust any of them; all of
them are bad. They robbed us of our wealth, rob us of our freedom, rob us of our justice,
and so after all that robbing, it looks like it should be enough; but no, that wasn’t enough for
him. He robbed you of the knowledge of yourself. Any man that is robbed or any robber that
robs him of the knowledge of himself, commits the worst robbery that he could have done to

      The Bible says that Delilah was a terribly tricky woman. She tricked Samson going and
coming. And Samson was very foolish to let her trick him. She said to Samson, “Oh, Samson
where lies your strength?” That was not enough for Samson not to be fooled. If she was so
anxious to find out where his great strength laid, he should have been smart enough to never
tell her; especially when she was not one of his people. He then made an attempt to see if
she was putting one over on him. She was, then he went right back and let her trick him

    You are modern Samsons. Please brothers, do not let Delilah’s sister, a deceiver, trick
you like that. They are falsely making love with you. They don’t love you. They only want
you to go to the fire like they are in for. Read that and study it good. This means a modern
Samson and a modern Delilah. She’s out there just looking and winking her blue eyes at you
only for winking you into hell fire. They don’t love you today any more than they loved you
yesterday, but they want to get you to go to hell with them, believe it or not.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]