by Master Elijah Muhammad


      The Theology of Time took place and we have been teachings it as far back as 76 trillion
years ago. You should feel good to know that we were the first people. You should feel good
to know that we are the righteous. If we were not the righteous, there would not be a
judgment, because if you’re going to judge one wicked fellow and you have another wicked
one to judge, there shouldn’t be a judgment at all. Just take these two wicked fellows, agree
they’re wicked and go on with your work. But, there are righteous in the midst of wicked
people who must be heard out and given a chance to learn for themselves and while they’re
learning themselves, you could take care of the wicked.

      It is true about the sheep on one side and goats on the other. The symbolic sheep
represents the righteous. Why did they choose this animal to represent the righteous people?
Because the characteristic is similar. That’s why they choose the sheep? Sheep are very
humble animals and a very, very tough fellow; therefore, I mentioned the symbol between
the two. They choose two animals that really represent the people. One animal means right
and one animal means wrong.

     You know what somebody told me when I was at home? That you didn’t have hardly that
many people down here. I can’t hardly tell the difference myself. I see everywhere is filled
with people. I think they were trying to get me to stay in.
I had some brothers who think that I’m always making a noise of someone sick. I’m not
like that. They’re putting one over on you. They’re fooling you, wanting me to stay home and
rest. They’re telling me, “rest, rest.” I don’t want to lose you! If I stay home and rest, the
devil will come get you. If they keep on fooling me, I’m going to come down to the Temple
every Sunday.

     Yakub is the father of the white race, and name of the God who made the white man.
We use to think that the black man and the white man were made at the same time. My God
came and told me the time and gave us the knowledge of what was made in the time. I was
so surprised until I actually wanted to go back and beat up all the preachers.
“What will they make,” says his uncle; “but something that will make mischief in the land
and cause bloodshed?” Today we have mischief going on in all parts of the world and
bloodshed is following. This is the white race, made to start us killing each other while he
himself kills.

     Today it is the idea of the white race, the devil, to kill all black people. That is what
they want to do, get rid of the righteous. They will go to work and deceive you. Make you go
along with them, of whom your God will kill. They like all of this.
I was listening to one talking about black people, and what they should do. What are
you going to do? They are talking over wholesale killing of black people. He can’t put that
small time stuff over on Allah. He would not be a Saviour if He could not save you and I, the

      All black people are the righteous. They were created righteous. Never were they
unrighteous. Your make-up is absolutely right, but the devil made you and our parents to
follow him and he put unrighteous acts in us; however, by nature, we are the righteous. This

is what the Bible means when it says, He will separate the goats from the sheep. Kill the
goats and save the sheep. They are talking about us and the white man. The white man is the
goat and you and I are the sheep.

       I want you to remember at all times that you are not the goat. It is the white man who
is the goat. Remember at all times that you are no brother with them, remember that.
When Yakub made them, He made them out of the essence of evil and not out of the essence
of good. This is what we have been talking about all the while. We have been talking about
the evil race and the good nation. You are the good nation and they are the evil race. Stay
away from them. Don’t marry them. It’s just like going out there and marrying fire, because
they were made for the fire. The Bible teaches you that, and the Qur’an too. We were
created good and we are now removing from us that which is no good. I want you and me to
unite together and be good; you remember this. We look alike, act alike, then we are one.
We are one.

     I want you to unite with us. You say, “I don’t know nothing about Islam,” What do you
know about Christianity? This is the thing that we must answer to. If we are not dead, what
are we? If we’re not deaf, what are we? You can’t answer to your own self, because you don’t
know self.

       I’m raised up among you to teach you who we are and to teach you who the white people
are, of whom you’ve been bowing down to worshipping. You’ve been putting them above God
when you are the God of this world, but you must follow someone. The Black man is the God
of the race. He is the Creator. I don’t care how you’ve been mistreated, still, your Father
was a Black man and He is the One Who created this Earth and is now taking it over. This is
our Earth!

      When did you ever see people like us come out with the Moon and Star on our heads?
You have never seen that before. You never dreamed that you could just accept yourself –
the Black man and the white man respect you. You never dreamed that the day would come
in your life time that is here today, and I mean here to stay. Well we’ve been trying to get
you into the knowledge of your own and what your God and my God made for us – The most
Holy Universe Flag of Islam. Our father made it for us. He didn’t make it for a goat. The
Sun, Moon and Star is ours. Leave that which belongs to the devil, to the devil.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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