by Master Elijah Muhammad


     Let us look at the Theology of Time. What is time? The main thing we should know is
what do we mean when we say time. We mean the distance of one point taking us so long
and so long to get to the other point. We’re counting the time that’s between the two
objects. So, it means that we have motion, and motion makes time. We cannot have any
reading of time until we set up motion. When we read how long it takes between this motion
and that motion to reach each other, we can say it like this for further understanding. If
motion is made, we calculate how long that motion takes to meet with another motion or

     If we are going to free you with the time, when did the time start? We cannot count on
time unless we know when time began. We don’t want you coming out here saying we’re
talking on something which we don’t know anything about. We know you and if we know you,
we know you’re talking about something. Time, when did it start? It started way back, a long
ways back. It started when the first motion of an atom moved out of darkness. When that
atom moves, it’s still time. That was, according to the teachings of Allah to me, was
something around about 76 trillion years ago.

      If you’re a mathematician, you will tell me what a trillion years is. I’m not going to fool
around here, since you’re a mathematician. I might get tangled up. It was 76 trillion years
ago, when these things took place. “What things?” The motion of time. If I move my hand
from one point to another, you can see me making some kind of time. I’m making motion. To
calculate the motion, which is what I want you to do, I must calculate how long this hand
comes from here to the other or go back to its original position – that’s time. As I hold my
hand straight up without moving, it’s making no time, in other words, nothing is going on. It’s
just a hand being held up.

    As we all are Original Black people here in North America, we have not been making
time ourselves. It’s due to us not knowing how to make time. Time is made from motion,
but it’s no time if it’s lost. We don’t want that kind of time. We want time that will produce
something. God is a production made by the actions of time. As long as we have no
production in the time in what we are making, we have to sit down. Let somebody else come
in and make time. We have been sitting down here now every since the slave master said,
“You are free nigger.” We sit down and ask him for something to do.

    When a man has become so dead to the knowledge of the things in which he should be
doing and the knowledge of himself erased in the time, that man is in bad condition. After a
hundred years up from slavery, we have not made any effort in trying to produce something
out of the time that the divine has given to us. We want to remember these things and put
them in your mind to continually keep you calculating on it. If we calculate from the number

One, Who is God Himself, then I think that we could get a starting point, and a starting point
points out what you need.

     In the present time that we are now living in, all over the world and especially in the
country of America, it’s time for the dead to wake up. If the dead are to wake up, how are
they to wake up? If we have nothing to wake them up with or by, then we should teach
someone to wake him up. If you do not have someone to align some kind of instrument to
make the dead wake up, I say get after them yourself, get out there. All the talk that we
hear night and day on each [media source] is spelling war. All that you hear now has some
warring in it or at the end of it. He’s talking war.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]