by Master Elijah Muhammad


        I use to teach in Chicago for six long hours. Sometimes I would double it. I remember
one time in Robbins, Illinois, I started to teach there in the town hall at 7 o’clock that evening

and dismissed the people seven o’clock the next morning. When I am feeling very well, like I
am now, I would teach you all night and all day.

      When I was in Washington making Temple No. 4, I use to dismiss the group and go to
some of the sisters’ homes to have dinner. When I got there, some of the group from the
Temple had already arrived. They probably knew where I was going to have dinner and they
all were sitting there just as eager as they were when they arrived at the Temple. Sister
Dorothy use to work in the secretary’s office at that time. I love apple pie, so when I would
get to her house that evening, she would have me a nice beautiful apple pie. I would try to
go for it along with some lamb she had roasted, then comes almost the whole temple there. I
began to have two thoughts about them. I wondered which one was I preaching to you,
physical food or spiritual food.

       Sister Dorothy is the sister of the brother who is my son in law. She was a wonderful and
faithful sister when I and others, even her husband, was in district jail there in Washington,
for preaching Islam. They were going into war and didn’t want any hindrance. They
confessed to me, “All they put you in jail for, was for you not to be out in the public
preaching to your people that teaching that you are preaching, which would prevent the
successful prosecution of the war between us, Japan and Germany.” He said, “It is not that
what you’re teaching should not be taught, but we just want you put up to keep you from
teaching it while we’re trying to fight these two people, Germany and Japan. It’s not what
you are teaching.” And I looked at him and said, “How can you put me up for teaching if you
don’t put me up for what I’m teaching?” When I came back here to face the parole officer
down there in Loop (downtown Chicago) of the U.S.A., he admitted the same. He said,
“Listen, Muhammad, you go ahead and teach what you always have been teaching. Teach the
teaching just like you always have. Nobody’s going to bother you.” He confessed that, “We
were just at war and we didn’t want you to be out there telling the people that they had no
right to this war, although they would have been just like you and nobody would have been
going to the war, like they should have been going through with.”

         It takes so much to teach you, because you never have heard it before. To try
untangling this snake who we’ve caught up with, then he’s swallowed us down so deep, that it
takes a long time pressing his body to push us up to his mouth to get us out of it.
I’m charged with delivery of the message. Not a one of you are charged with that,
because the message was given to me and if I have 40 million helpers they all, everyone of
them are helping. Not that they are responsible for the message. If you read the Qur’an and
Bible, I’m the only one who Allah will hold responsible for you not getting the truth, because

         He gave me the truth. The way He gave it to me is like a flowing spring or like a flowing
fountain. The fountain has enough drink in it to give everyone a drink that comes to drink.
You don’t need a new fountain, just try drinking up what this fountain has to drink!
In the Holy City, Mecca, there is a Well there. It’s the Well of Zam Zam. The righteous
drink of this water, but they shall drink the spiritual truth from Allah of which they will never
be able to get to the end of it. It’s so much. Now that this sign here[Well of Zam Zam] is a
sign of the truth, which the Messenger brings to you, he is the Well himself.

          It made me think over Jesus talking to the wicked woman who had been so wicked all
her life. She was a woman that was filled with adultery and that she married one husband
after another one. Of course, she would not compare to anything today if she was here, she’d
laugh at her seven husbands being a small beginning. I’m not going to go into the
interpretation of that, but I will someday when I have more time. I drank out of that Well of
Zam Zam myself. It’s water is very light and easy to digest in your body and my body. I tried
it. Little boys came around serving you with it and they expect you to give them a little
something. So I kept reaching for another cup. I wanted to know whether or not this water
was healthy water and would not have any effect on your body. I kept drinking cupful after

cupful. When I left from them, my stomach felt just as light as it did when I came. I said
that must be the Well you drink out from, where you don’t need to be thirsty, because you
can drink plenty of that water and it doesn’t lay heavy on your stomach. Of course, the
spiritual teaching side of the Well that never goes dry, in the Bible and Holy Qur’an both, is
referring to the Spiritual Well of God.

        We go so far in a thing, then we begin to settle down in it. We don’t need to be called
to come to it. We’re already in it.
I love you so well that if I had a table for each one of you, I would tell the brothers to
put the food on it. I can, by the help of Allah, feed everyone of you that’s here and won’t be
in the bread line tomorrow begging for me some bread. I did feed 10,000 once, and I still can
feed 10,000. Not that I’m boasting that I have lots of money to do so; nor am I boasting that I
will cause some miraculous thing, like the Bible said happened to Jesus, to feed 7,000 people.
It would be fed similar to that, but I don’t call it a miraculous thing. I could feed 20,000 of
you, that is, eat all you want and this is no exaggeration, . After you eat all you want, Allah
makes it appear to me that I am not giving away nothing, because I don’t miss it. I don’t go
home and sit down and say, “If I had not given all those people that food, I’d had something.”

        This is true. I never miss nothing I give you, nothing.
Shah. That name is from one of the seven who, were three of the Scientists from
Muhammad’s teaching. This Shah or Shatah, as you may find it in some places of that
language, wrote. They were Scientists on Islam and helped in the building up of the Holy
Qur’an that Muhammad said he saw and was given. Well, to not say he saw it, but the Words
that were given to him from Allah, they put them in a book called Holy Qur’an. Holy Quran is
one of the most finest names to us. It is a book of healing. It means healing, and it is healing
us of the wounds of Satan.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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