by Master Elijah Muhammad


       The Theology of Time, what time? The devil’s time, not our time. They didn’t put up a
clock for us. The time piece given to us never runs down. We all want to live, says the Bible
and Quran, we have history of prophets and non-prophets living a long time. The Bible says,
according to David, that the wicked doesn’t live out half of that time, well that’s right, but
every man of history that we read of in the Bible, other books and in the scriptures of the
Holy Qur’an, are all long-livers and were prophets or something of the kind. They were some
righteous person, not a wicked person, but righteous, because wickedness of the wicked
destroys the wicked man. By nature, man was not made to destroy himself unless he’s guided
by a destroyer. We die quick under the guidance of the white man, because he comes here
just to live for a few days and go.

      I set up and laid around my poor wife suffering with pain and what not. I prayed over
her. I don’t care anything about too much sleep no way. God didn’t make me to sleep very
long. He told me and those others that were there listening to Him, “He [Messenger] will be

like myself, a couple of hours will be sufficient for him to sleep.” So, I sit up and laid around
on the side of the bed honoring her in her helpless state of sickness. I noticed she would
sleep sound as long as I was laying around on the bed or sitting there where she could opened
her eyes and see me. I hated to leave out for the sake of wanting to sleep and rest. What
kind of sleep and rest did God prepare for me? He didn’t prepare any sleep and rest for me,
no. If I’m to be like Him, He doesn’t have no rest. He works night and day and I have to work
night and day. So when people get restless, you’d better let them go. If you don’t they’ll turn
into being something else, then you’ll have another job to do. Of course, I’m not talking
about brother back here. He just feels for me, because he thinks I’m not too…well. He don’t
know, but he’s looking at the weakness of the body and I’m looking at the strong faith of the
body. It can sustain the body, that is, strong belief in the security of you, and security of the
power of God. You can’t get too weak, because weakness did not bring us into the world.

       Some days when I come in the MGT and the FOI class, if they ask me to tell them what I
meant by this work, I will teach it to them. I will give you a hint here. Man was created in
haste; therefore, he’s hasty. That is true. You study on this until I get you in your classes and
I’ll teach you what that means; in fact, I’m not risen up from among my brethren, into the
knowledge of divine, to not be able to answer to that physical fact. You will bear me witness
whenever I do explain it to you, that it couldn’t be nothing else but the answer. This is
mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, that Allah created you and then He completed you, but the
man who was made from us, he was made in haste. His time is short. He must hurry and get
busy in his work, but this is not quite the answer yet and I can’t answer it here, but I’ll answer
it in your classes or to your teacher.

         I am so full of light. He has a lot of work to do and I’m doing my work. To you, my
beloved brothers and sisters. I’m not going to say beautiful brothers and sisters, because you
can’t be beautiful until you accept Islam, that is true. The mark of the devil will remain on
you until removed by Allah in Islam. When you accept Islam, you start getting beautiful. As
we love to be beautiful, because I see you at the mirror all the time. Come follow me sisters.
You will be beautiful. You’re going to be so beautiful until they’ll admire your shadow a mile

       Oh yes, they’re getting to be like that, which is why they don’t leave. If they weren’t
becoming beautiful, they’d be going, but they’re in the process now, believing that the end
will be a beautiful woman, and that’s right.
Allah didn’t come here to make us ugly. He didn’t come here to let us remain ugly.
Every one that accepts Him, He starts you to growing into a new life. That growth is a
beautiful person. I’m your teacher. The Holy Qur’an teaches us that if you who turn to
righteousness in this day and time, at the end of the Caucasian’s world, Allah will make you
grow into a new growth. He told me about it when He was with me. He said, “No brother, we
will have no ugly people. We will have no people with gray hair and bald heads…” He said,
“Brother, all of our black hair will come back to us.” And the Holy Qur’an says this is done by
Him blessing the righteous in growing into a new growth instead of you growing and aging up
into decay, decay stop on the other side, no more decay.

        He told me, “We will look the same as we were when was 16 years old and that we’ll
keep that same look, beautiful and tender as we find in David. He wanted the God to turn
him back into tender age and turn him back into the energy that he had when he was in his
teens. He referred to it as a young goat, so he could run leap and jump. Well all of this he
proved that we would be just that. As the Holy Qur’an teaches us, that the hereafter is
something to be prayed for and desired. As you move on in days, months and years, you
become a different person all together.


{Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series

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