by Master Elijah Muhammad


     In the desert, as Moses gave to us from the history of his travels with Israel, the desert
also must be interpreted, because it all reaches back to us. If we don’t know why he was out
there in the desert doing what he did and that it is a history made to reach us here today, we
must prove it. What I’m telling you is what’s prophesied. He said, “The Lord thy God will rise
up from among your brethren a prophet like me.” How is he like Moses? Jesus glorified Moses
by saying that God will send us a prophet like Moses. Number one, Moses went after a people
that had been deceived by a people. He had gotten a hold to Pharaoh who was an enemy to
Moses and his people.

      In this history, it gives us more light on the Last Messenger and his work. I’m not going to
preach that sermon. I’m just touching on it as I go along. What you really need is knowledge
of understanding, for misunderstanding is the hell to man. I’m here to give you the
understanding of divine, which you have failed to get from the enemy of divine.
I will help you see what he looks like from the inside out, then if you want to – after he
has deceived you – continue living in his deception, that’s up to you. No place in the history
and in the scriptures will you find where the Last Messenger argues with you after he gives
the truth to you. He leaves you to later ponder over it, or you can go on disbelieving it until
the truth, bearing witness to the truth, of the Messenger coming from God and His actions,
starts coming against you.

      Some of you think that you still have the freedom to do as you please. You can’t
continue doing as you please in this world, because Allah is erasing this world. So, you won’t
have no place to carry on your evil. The other people, they’re all righteous and they won’t
allow you to live in their righteous world with your evil from the devil of this world, of whom
they are destroying. You can’t hold on to this. This is what I’m telling you. You are not free
to hold on to it. You’re not free to act. This is a free world, granting you the freedom of
doing like this world does. In the next world coming, you won’t be free to do anything you
want to. You will have to do just one thing, and that’s what that world’s rules, laws and
regulations bring to us. Take for instance this devil having the freedom to do evil and to
teach us evil, he did not allow interference by prophets. He worked against them, so says the
Bible. He beat, enslaved, and imprisoned them and then killed them, because they were not
wanted in his world. He was to rule the people with wickedness and not by righteousness. So
I being, as the book teaches you, the last of the prophets, he won’t put that small time stuff
over on me, because Allah has caged me in His mercy and protection; therefore, you can’t get
to me any more than you can get to God, in the way of doing harm.

       He has made me like Himself. Whatever I do and whatever I want done or will to be
done, it will come to pass. This is just as important as I’m teaching you the knowledge of him
– the devil. You’re not going to see the God coming down from heaven and stand here beside
me and verify it. The only way the verification comes from Him is, if I see you continue being
contrary to what I’m teaching you of yourself and the Will of God – that Will is in me too –
Allah will let my will be done on you!

       My wife is at home gradually dying, but I didn’t want her to die in a hospital, least Satan
would boast that her, the wife of the messenger, God didn’t save her and he couldn’t save
We would have went out, fearing not Allah and I knew he would have something to say
that would weaken your faith in me and God, whom you have never known. You never did
know the God that he preach to you, because it never existed. It was only himself. There’s
no such thing as a God living up-stairs.

     One preacher I knew in the South, I use to go to his church just to hear him get on this
part, that the Earth is God’s footstool and the heaven is his throne. So I kept listening at that
preacher and kept listening at him, and I said, “He’s got something right there,” and he did
have something right. The Earth is His footstool. This planet that we’re on is the first planet

that was made with life on it from [the making of] the Sun. Regardless to the scientists
saying that Mercury was the first planet. Mercury was not the first planet made. Mercury is a
sign. It’s a sign of Allah’s Messenger. The planet Mercury is so close to the Sun that the
Astronomers think that no life could exist there, that it’s too hot.

       Suppose we would be drawn through the atmosphere of the Earth to the Sun and drawn
through cold so terrific, that we couldn’t live in it. The cold is always near and surrounding a
planet of life. When it gets where there is no such thing as the planet saturating the
atmosphere with water, you are getting into an altogether different universe than the one
you came out of, because you come out of a universe around your earth which is saturated
with water. When you get into dry space where there is no water to fill the space, you can’t
tell what that space feels like, since you are made of water. You have to put on something to
shield yourself from being destroyed by dry space.

        I’m not going to teach astronomy to you. God has taught me almost everything I see and
hear. He has taught me that. Do you not remember reading in the Bible, Psalms, where
David said that God has opened his ears to make him to hear, and his eyes to make him to
see? These are two factors of man which David picked up on. God taught it to him, even to
the knowledge of birds and their language. He told me that He went into Africa, in the
jungles, and learned the language of the birds. So, I thought about David and I smiled and
said to myself, “When are you going to teach me the language of the birds?” Why didn’t he say
the beast? Because, there is a finer characteristic about a bird than there is about a beast.

        The Revelator refers to this devil as a beast, because of his characteristics are similar to a
wild beast. Well, I guess you say, “You’re getting away from your subject.” No, I’m teaching
my subject. If you don’t know the Messenger who brought the message from God, how can
you learn of the Sender? You got to learn the Messenger and his message, which he has
brought to you and is all but forcing you to listen so you can learn of the Sender, Who is God

       You think that I’m stepping out of the way when I say that I am sent from God. The
people of Earth have been hearing that every since they made an enemy to man 6,000 years
ago. I’m only verifying what the others said. I verify them and they have verified me before I
was born, and after they prophesied that Elijah will come and must come, then he must
come. Why? He must come and make a new path for his people. They’re in the wrong path.
The path they’re in is a crooked path. The people don’t live upright in that path, because it’s
so crooked, which is like the snake or serpent. The snake is so crooked that you have to
follow his trail around to find out where he went. You couldn’t stand at the end of the line
and look straight down the trail or the track that he made while he was crawling, you have to
follow it, because the curve is subject to turn in any way . If you don’t follow the curves he’s
making, you won’t overtake him. So Allah have made me to follow the curve and catch him.


{Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series}