by Master Elijah Muhammad


    Allah warns us here in the 44th verse of the 2nd Surah or Chapter. He says, “Do you
enjoin men to be good?” Do you teach other men to do good and neglect your own life? “Do
you enjoin men to be good and neglect your own souls while you read the book?” You read
the books, Bible and Holy Quran, and they teach you to be good, then if you don’t be good
while teaching others to be good, you will be the loser and they will be the winner. They did
good, believed in it, but you being the preacher of good, neglect to be good yourself. Did you
think that just the name would save you? No. You have to be saved by works. Your work will
save you, but not the telling others and you not acting on your own teaching yourself.

       Allah draws our attention to acts of Israel. “Oh children of Israel, call to mind My favor
which I bestowed upon you and be faithful to your covenant with Me” A covenant is an
agreement. “I shall fulfill My covenant with you, and Me, and Me alone should you fear.”
There is no God to fear beyond God He is the key of all Gods. “I am the Lord thy Lord God”
He says to Israel, “And Me and Me alone should you fear and do not set up another God

besides Me.” Don’t try seeking another God to try to make him My equal. The devil is
powerful alright enough, but he’s no equal to Me.

      This is why Allah makes a Messenger or Apostle to contend with an opposer of His. He’s
not enough for God Himself to attack, so Allah makes an Apostle to attack him, and show His
apostle how to win. He knows both. He knows the devil and He knows the Apostle. His
Apostle is from God Himself, the beginning of man. From this, He makes the Apostle aware
of all the arts and all the attacks of Satan. He makes him aware of all of his arguments, then
gives him the knowledge of how to refute the enemies’ arguments. He gives him the
knowledge of how to make the enemy bow to him. This is true, the enemy bows to me.
I’m going to tell you this, as the time is up: I’m put here in answer to what you read in
the Bible, as Jesus said of himself, that he would get done whatever Allah Willed. They both
were together in the Wills. What little you think of it, I’m just like that. Whatever I will,
Allah will make it to come to pass.

        Since Jesus recognized the fact that he was not that man, not that prophet or the one
who was to come in the last days, he had to die for his mistake. What was the mistake? The
mistake was that he thought that he was on time, but he learned that he was not on time, to
usher in the judgment of this world; therefore, he prophesied and admitted that he was
ahead of time. He was not on time for it. He prophesied in his acknowledgement of his
failure to come in due time of the end of the world, in that he couldn’t do it, because it was
before the time of the world. So, then he prophesied, “But…” in words he said “… when he
comes…” What “he” is that? He said, “…the one who Moses prophesied of and now I see
through Moses’ prophesy that that man is yet to come. He will give life to the dead. He will
destroy the enemy that I dread and hope to destroy; yet, I’m ahead of the time.” So in words,
he would say, “keep waiting, he will be along whom the Father will send from Himself.”

      I guess you say “You’re preaching too long.” When you go to analyze what is written, it
takes you longer to do that than the writer. The writer can quickly write it out, but he didn’t
know what he had written. So I say my beloved readers, it takes more time to untangle the
entanglement than it did to tangle it up.

       This is the end of the world. You should know what that world is and what it has done
contrary to the world that is coming in so you won’t later say, “I didn’t see nothing wrong with
the people. If they said they were wrong, why didn’t you prove this. Why didn’t you prove
that.” Well, we are [writing] it here to prove it.

      Take for instance, the white man’s world, it is now dying a natural death. Everything he
lays his hands on is a failure. If he was ruling in righteousness according to the teachings of
the prophets of old, he would be prosperous instead of being unsuccessful. Even in that
which he has prospered, he has prospered and been successful in wicked ways. Now, a
Righteous One comes, Who is an enemy to the ones of evil. He sets up his kingdom on the
very basis of righteousness. He gets a servant to champion his world and makes him so firm,
that he is declared to be like a rock, a stone that is capable of breaking up stones, and that if
a stone falls on that stone, it will break to pieces. If this stone falls on that stone, it grinds it
to powder. He’s a tough stone.

        If you have a stone that you want to build on, get one that won’t crack if you put other
stones on it. The Bible says, symbolizing the man and stone, “He’s a stone that is a tried
stone. We didn’t make a mistake in knowing whether or not that stone would hold the
weight. We’ve already tried it, and since We have tried the stone, on which We want to
build, We want this building to stand, so We build it on a stone that will stand.”
I’m not here just to preach to you that Jonah went to Nineveh, but I’m here to preach to
you why the trip was made for Jonah. I don’t want you to think that I’m here trying to show
off. I’m here doing my work which God sent me to do.


{Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series}



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