by Master Elijah Muhammad


        The angel is a very beautiful sight. He puts one foot on water and one on land, so the
Bible says. Since this is true, universally, out of both books, here is the secret of it.
The man was raised off of the food and water of the earth and food out of the water.
He eats food to survive. So, the angel is cutting him off from both. He puts his foot on land
and on water too, because without either one of these, you can’t exist. The Book teaches us
that it was His left foot and his left hand, and his right foot and his right hand. The right
hand and the right foot were on water, and the left foot was on both water and land. There
must be a division made now. Since you’ve gotten your life out of both, I have to declare that
the time that you were to feed from both is up. Time as you know it now, you will soon know
no more. The time given to the enemy is up and it won’t be known anymore. God is declaring
that the white man won’t exist in no form, nor will his way of teaching the people exist. He’s
got to go, he and all his work.

         The 45th verse says, “Seek assistance through patience and prayer.” You need to have
both. You need to say your prayers and you need to be patient. Wait on the Lord and don’t
try to run ahead, because you can’t be the head runner. You’ll run into something that you
cannot put out of your way. If you get in a hurry, ask Allah to assist you to be patient.
In the Holy Qur’an, chapter 2, in the Arabic language called a “surah,” the 46th verse, He
says, “Who know that they will meet their Lord and that to Him they will return.” This is the

believer, the Muslim. They know that they will again meet with their Lord, like the Bible
teaches too.

        He came to them and they recognized Him to be God. He puts the faith into their hearts
to continue believing, like oil is put in a burning vessel to keep light. Therefore, your five
wise and five foolish virgins have a place here in this. Those who knew that the bride groom
was coming kept their lamps burning. Those who didn’t believe it, they let their oil burn out.
When the bridegroom came, the noise was made, “Here is the bride groom, go out to meet
him.” These were surprised, because their belief had gone out and they had no belief that
he was coming back. Just like oil burning out of a lamp, it has no more power to give life.
So, that’s the way it was with half of these who started out, all had the faith, but it went
away from them.

       The Holy Qur’an refers to this time of those who turn hypocrite, “Time can prolong, and
hearts harden.” That shows you how the people love this world. They can’t have patience to
wait too long for an execution of it by divine. They get unhappy and restless and they say
something similar to what we find over here in the Bible. In Paul’s Epistle, he says they would
say, “Why have we worked mournfully” and the wicked, meaning those that are not doing this,
they are happy. Here we going around mournful looking, but the Lord heard this, and the
Bible said He took account of the people who were afraid to turn back into the world; He
said, those will be His. “These will be Mine.”

       When a man isn’t afraid to break the law of God, which isn’t good, then he’s defying God
to bring about his execution to him for breaking the law, because he’s disregarding it. He
doesn’t like it and he goes back to the enemy of God to join up with him again. When he sees
the approaching doom, he will want to go back then and join up with God, but Allah is not
cheap. He’s self independent.
“He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son to save the world” – WRONG.
God never was so foolish to give His Best Angel to save the wicked. This only begotten Son
means, he is the only one that was raised from mental death and prepared and taught how,
by God, to teach the people and bring them back to mental life. So, I’m here calling you to
return to your own.

        What’s so wrong with your own, that you don’t like it? You are the beginning and the end
of this world. You began this world from making it from you and me. Yakub, the father of
the Caucasian race, he made the Caucasians from out of a weak germ of us. He didn’t go out
and get something that was not already in existence to make him a man, he came right back
to himself and looked into the germ of the Black man and found a man. Therefore, it is true
that you are the first and will be the last. No man can produce another man equal to the
Black man without going to the Black man.

[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series}


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